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Pandora and the Puppet Master

She disappear within the puppet master castle,
That one amongst the broken-hearted clouds.
She promised her heart to him, tell me, mirror.
Did her mad hatter suicide please the crowds?

Don’t trust Pandora on the death valley trip.
Under silent umbrella, she loves him.
Hidden pain amongst quiet reflections.
Walking away from life so grim.

This is the puppet master’s fantasy world.
Casting her out of her fairy land into his.
She could not hold on to herself.
As his lust for blood began to fizz.

While the spirit wanders, do not give up.
Dead, she loves the way his lies burn.
Heartbeat of damnation appear on the horizon.
The Queen of hearts has lots to learn.

Voodoo dolls are part of this dream fantasy.
Breathless, she will miss the true winter.
Love is a weakness, and leaves us direction-less.
Her dark wings bound to his splinter.

She will try to forget trying to reach him.
By the full moon, she is a prisoner of love.
Victorian innocence turns to a dark blue world.
Breath, let it fly like a true white dove.

Hold on to her, puppet master, like a raven.
Sweet dreamer knows that love hurts.
Compose the silent melody of her destiny.
Dark symphony played at megahertz.

She want to see him again, curse of being immortal.
At the enchanted ruins by the garden of roses.
Near the vermilion cloud kingdom of castles.
Where her awakening begins, old life closes.

Higher than hope was she, the swan hearted.
Lonely, she loves him even thou she was deserted.
She could see the love in him, beyond the music.
And so her and the deadly puppet master flirted.

Pandora, there will always be days of rain,
Velvet dreams will bring the outside in.
At the entrance to the fairyland, remember.
Broken hearts and thoughts belong in the bin.

The enchantment is leaving him behind.
Delusion is the shape of despair.
She can feel the animal inside.
Of dark feelings and a long prayer.

Pandora and the puppet master are a dream.
Maiden’s fantasy world under a vampire moon.
At the end of the day, it was the heart of everything.
Reality, sexy fairy and crow complete the swoon.

Delayed her cold soul from become a ghost.
To late for love and possessed dreams.
Vampire bride, arise and shine
Surrender dark secret and screams.

“My own fears are a cold heritage.
Dark prayers that this is the end.
All night my sadness paints a picture.
Under a umbrella with you my friend.”


The Flowering of Black Petal

Frost flowers solidified in rigor mortis
Princess of the sea who use to see the sun.
I look in the mirror and I see his face.
The one who rests in water and stole my fun.

Dawn’s vanity led to broken vengeance.
Hell broken free that night I walked away.
Holy days for the monarch and the free.
On that long, winding road for a year and a day.

When the pink leaves fell, the role call for love,
Calling me, I asked for forgiveness for the pride.
Colour me hopeless, renouncing those dark spirits.
Blind sacrifice for all the times I had to have lied.

You were my undertaker, giving me heaven in hell.
Together we sing the hardest part of the tune.
About the loneliness of those darkest nights.
And the desire to sleep underwater too soon.

The call of eternity is to forgot all I was.
Heartless passion placed in a letter.
Sent on that rail road to nowhere.
Dark dreams will turn into something better.

Love can save her, the black stars whispered.
Twinned heartbroken, I was a piece of you.
The fog cleared, and so the cold came.
Peace prayers, for both was something new.

Alone inside, but with you I still grew.
Self-prescribed ugly duckling faced death.
Darkness inside, but with you I still unfurled.
Crimson regret took its last creeping breath.

Cold hearted, but butterflies when I look at you.
Bleeding from within, fading away, changing still.
Fall to pieces, and yet I feel you all round me.
Fire burning within, but you already knew the drill.

Forever me, forever you, singing the forgotten melody.
Freed my soul into a ghost opera, voices began to bloom.
Heard of my ghost and my heart of darkness, still stayed.
I will smile again away from that home that was a tomb.

I want you even in my dreams, where I am not the ice queen.
In silent waters no longer learning to fly, but starting to bud.
Liaison, like you, with the lonely photograph inside.
Love is never gone, sometimes it is amongst the mud.

Melody of solitude is the melody of the wind.
My broken dreams had made me the cold one.
But I will never be turning back on my own.
One last goodbye to the man who stole my fun.

I enter the pool of fear, as the rain washes them away.
Resurrected and saved from myself, under your spell.
Your spider queen still has the storms raging inside.
Yet with you there is sunshine and my heart will swell.

Tears don’t fall, there is no way for them to go.
This is the last goodbye, a time of dying of weed.
Truth within me maybe upside down, waiting for rain.
But these quenching waters of evil are what I need.

Whisper my name when you dream and I will hear.
Without you my life is as cold as brandished metal.
With you I am love sick and not sick of love.
Causing the wondrous flowering of Black Petal.

Dark and Stormy

For the last time I am fallen.
The crow life is no longer alone.
Nymph of the forest’s pollen,
Has glanced from the other zone.

Road to nowhere, sometimes lamented
Dark days on the edge of forever.
In the footsteps of infinity, demented.
Serenity, a gift for April rained whoever.

Between the bridges of my dreams.
Sacrifice, the enchanted fog demands
Wild wood charm breaks its seams.
Following the river, holding hands.

Enchanted forest witnesses a small death.
When the witch comes to a different path.
The passion flowers held their breath.
The witnesses had to hide their wrath.

In the court of the dreaming song.
Following my trail of bitter tears.
Frozen memories are too wrong.
Dark, black, long memories of fears.

The house of pain of angels dead
The plains home the Samhain medium.
Visited by an Irish King who bled.
Removed me from dark path of tedium.

When Autumn arrived you were there.
You spoke to me of love and other things.
Parting soon became too much to bear.
I flew away with you on borrowed wings.

My white reaper held me in a frozen embrace.
Listened to the poems from my poisoned mouth.
Taught me to dance again with fairytale grace.
No longer travelling alone down south.

Apocalypse of the soul is on its way.
Line is crossed when a woman loves.
Pandora is a role I can no longer play.
Sun no longer sets me free like doves.

Out of time quipped the fortune teller.
It was time to pick my death, she said.
Dark symphonies sang the crow dweller.
Goodbye my love, for all eternal dread.

Out of the shadows you came, my light.
The joys of being with someone’s soul.
A long walk away from the dreamy night.
Forgotten bride dug out her grave shaped hole.

Night sorceress is beyond curious.
Why you want this poisoned heart,
This dangerous mind that is furious,
With the gift of being too smart?

Once again, I say goodbye to love.
And say no more prayers for me.
Lilith of snow gives you a shove.
Watered my soul and was ready to flee.

But you took a minute of your time.
At silver fountain you held me tight.
You make yourself my boyfriend prime.
And make sure I will never again take flight.

The poem of the queen of darkness

Forever hidden in misty mornings.
Natural death had lots of warnings.
The same window shows different views.
On the road searching for a new muse.
Crystalline desires of a purifying fire.
Where black dogs runs through the mire.
A balanced view into the tempest dark.
Here be where heavenly dragons bark.
The darkness that never goes away.
Good or evil, I am its chosen prey.
At the heart of this heroic storm.
Walking the forest to feel warm.
Is the hunt for the one way to heaven.
Away from the light since I was seven.
The seductress walks a hidden path.
A murder of crows sing their wrath.
A day as still as a nostalgic nirvana.
This fairy of the forest and fauna.
Saw the key beyond this harrowing.
The hanging heads were narrowing.
The shark has pretty sharp teeth.
The crows has brought my wreath.
The alchemist has taken flight.
But the strong man taught me to fight.
Revelations of how to have fun.
The last stand is something done.
Red crystal of Beltane in the wood.
Life during the wailing war of good.
So what now love for this watery heart?
Turn off my mind, relax and fall apart?
The reaper has new words for me sing.
Auld song for new worlds and thing.
Dreaming of you on perilous bridge.
No more I love yous over the ridge.
Storm warning is this fairy misses you.
Only sleeping of compasses who have a clue.
Strong man, is love a losing game?
Or are the deep shadows to blame?
This fairy fell down the wishing well.
Strange love between us cast its spell.
The substance of things hoped for.
Along the darker roads to your shore.
A heap of broken images, frozen in time.
Into nothing, the devil turns to mime.
Sunset on wretched things for this white dame.
Two hours later and I feel no shame.
The ravening has nowhere to turn.
On the night roads we have much to learn.
On the dust of creeds outworn we settle.
Who cares when I am the strong man’s petal.

Do not tell me it is over

Do not tell me we let the demon win.
Mermaid skull jewellery adorns this fairy.
Who wants more than companionship.
To be your little toy was never scary.

The elements were thawing this frozen queen.
And we were climbing this tearless mountain.
On the rock God’s stairway to heaven.
Twilight kisses at the base of the fountain.

Do not tell me that I am the enemy.
I was dancing you to the undertaker’s ball.
Do not leave me behind in mystery.
Faceless demons again caused the fall.

Come to a deadlock in the mermaid dreams.
Blackbird was not prepared for the solitary travel.
Snow White thought you had freed her.
Until you woke up and brought down the gavel.

Do not tell me here returns sorrow.
City of angels to the forest on water.
The mirror held the death of a dream.
No worries, take me to the slaughter.

Do not abandon me to my winter.
Do not tell me you are not longer attracted.
Do not turn this into a war.
Most importantly, Do not tell me it is over.


Your words are like daggers, its takes my life.
You abandoned, forsaken me, your metal wife.
Was it not that I made you, warrior of my world.
I embrace your pain, a light that twirled.

Your words are like daggers, deadlocked as the one.
A distance we walked towards the theatre of fun.
All alone in the full moon madness, there I dance.
Death of a dream that wanted to spring and prance.

Your words are like daggers, wounds that it has caused.
Mysterious girl, even in death, a love that is paused.
Mechanical skull full of cold winter’s truths.
Dear David, in the silent forest, you took the youths.

Your words are like daggers, still bitter and vile.
The messenger of dark memories was always your style.
Renegade and forsaken I surrender myself to you.
Inferno of solar torment was not sated by the dew.

Your words are like daggers, retreating to the secret garden.
My world, this mad mad world began to harden.
Eternal love was wrapped up in a midnight cocoon.
The silence of this angel, no longer able to croon.

Your words are like daggers, sharper than the wolf’s fangs.
Red Riding Hood has forest beauty and death pangs.
The kitten no longer purrs, hidden in the shade.
Thief of my soul as your brandished your verbal blade.

Your words are like daggers, causing no ordinary storm.
The last tune of summer and still not feeling warm.
Was this cold winter heart my poetically fate?
Yet this mistress of time took a chance on one last date.

His words are like flowers, growing in an enchanted woods.
Lost innocence, twisted into cobwebs of silvery goods.
The open door of my heart leads me back to natural magic.
This raven that was forever yours walks away from the tragic.

His words are like flowers, arouses me during the dusk hunt.
The ice nymph is finally free, from that controlling cunt.
My guardian and I, there’s no need for words, sweet or dark.
Actions are all we need, the electricity that brings a spark.

His words are like flowers, cos they are no more lies.
We are closer than close without the need of emotional ties.
He accepts that my soul is a seeker between dark and light.
He holds my hands so I can not wave, so here I say goodnight
And goodbye.

Where muses go.

This quote by Plato “Every heart sings a song, incomplete, until another heart whispers back. Those who wish to sing always find a song. At the touch of a lover, everyone becomes a poet.” has ended me up in a debate about muses and poetry. It was implied that I use my muse, my emotions as crutches when writing my poetry. After talking it over with several other poets the conclusion was reached about the “truth” of the poetry itself and not the process of getting there. I will never be able to write on cue because I can not to disengage myself from my emotions and this comes out in my work and to be honest I do not want to. Poetry for me is the release of all that is in my heart onto paper. In recent years it has been pain, depression and misery before it consumes me. Now I am in love will this “need” change? Let’s wait and see.

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