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What James Bond and ‘Doctor Who’ tell us about the future of pop culture


I will come to Yule

As Yule comes, the snow may not have yet fallen, but there is a strong chill in the air. The colours for your altar, are cool blues, whites, reds and greens. Candles of wintry colours will compliment your altar and sparkles is never a bad thing. Yule is the time of the return of the sun, and so solar representations are always welcome on the altar. This could be golden disc, yellow candles, just anything that is bright and shiny. Evergreen boughs can be place on the altar as well as holly, and the yule log. Antlers or reindeer could be there as the symbols of fertility.  But anything seasonal can be place on your altar, fruit and nuts, mistletoe, candy cane and bells. And many of the natural aspects can be incorporated into some crafty items for the altar, such as incense, wreaths, herb sachet and pentacle.

All over three of cups

The three of cups represents celebration and happiness. If the question you are asking of your reading is about love, this card means the person will have a happy fling, and if the reading is about work, then you will have fun and make lots of friends at our workplace. This card is connected to the Empress and means that the person will experience a period of creativity regarding love.

Sweet two of cups

The two of cups is a positive card to see in a reading. It links with the High Priestess, and can represent receiving intuitive knowledge regarding love and relationship between two people. But it can also represent learning to love all of ourselves, which includes the different aspects of our personality. Although, mainly this card is to do with external relationships. This is often seen as the card of a soul mate, someone we have a special connection with, and love unconditionally.

Think about ace of cups

The Ace of Cups represents new beginnings in love and emotions. This is a good card to see as it always mean that the person will have a new start in how they live emotionally. As most things start with love, it is not surprising the same is true of the cups. This is the initial flow of love that could become a river. The seed of love is planted giving you the stirrings of passion and joy, although has yet to flower, has the potential to bring great love. However, this is only the potential and not the final outcome.


Let Earth in

Earth is seen as dry and cold. The Ancient Greek philosophers and scientists associated earth with practicality, restraint but also the physical side of life. Greek and Roman myths have various Goddesses that represents earth such as Ceres, Demeter and Persephone. The Pentacle is seen as the symbol of earth, Uriel as the archangel and gnomes as the elemental. The direction of earth is North, it is associated with winter, midnight, and old age. It is represented in the shades of greens and browns but sometimes black and white is used. During rituals, earth is represented by burying objects in the ground, or carving images out of wood. It is seen in the forests, plants, caves and gardens.



Come, wash away

Water with its connections with emotions, are used to help in emotional healing especially of the past, childhood and innocence. This means that it is excellent of clearing the room of negative emotions.

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