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Amongst the ashes

You pulled the strings one more time.
Legend of Valkyries at his prime.
Dancer of lost memories rhyme.
Cinderella of enchanted forest crime.

At the magical forest renewal.
Follow me into the duel.
Where the nights cry it’s cruel.
The black witch will take the jewel.

The wishing well is silver and cold.
Never let you go if I be so bold.
The duchess can keep her gold.
All of your love is on hold.

Lost dreams of this corpse bride.
Yule time was when she last cried.
Surreal paradise filled with pride.
Love songs of how you lied.

Raven is finally here with you.
Vanity of frozen veins that grew.
The whisper of souls start to spew.
The dream begin to come true.

A heart, promised you would keep.
Lonely, and close to sleep.
Legend of the dragon deep.
Slave to the reapers creep

Purgatory homes the sea witch.
Farewell to the waterfall bitch.
The best things are bound to switch.
A mystic devious nightmare to ditch.

Lights down on this Yule heart.
Chased hope like I was a tart.
I’ve been looking at the purest art.
Falling for you, I fell apart.

Here is the tale of Pandora and Master.
Who fell into the water mist disaster
Those little friends and sole pastor.
The night never came much faster.

Amongst the ashes they found peace.
Years of pain begin to cease.
Yesterdays have lost their lease.
Heaven they now have apiece.


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