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Knight’s democracy

This card may represent a young man between the ages of 25 to around 35 who is a water sign (Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces). This card can also represent receiving messages regarding love and emotions. This can come in the form of a phone call, letter, e-mail or through someone else.


Page Crush

This card can either represent someone who is a Piscean, a young person (under 25) or child who is a water sign (Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio). This person is also someone who is free in their imagination, and lives the life that they choose. But this is not someone who lives with their head in the clouds, they have their feet firmly on the ground as well. The card’s representation could appear as a person around you, an event that you will experience, or a part of you which you need to manifest.

Ten of cups feelings

This is another nice card to see in a reading. This card corresponds to the major arcana card of the wheel of fortune. This in combination with the meaning of the cups can represent the feeling that the person has ‘got lucky’ in issues to do with love and emotions. This is the time of cycles completed, journey’s endings and lives lived with those you love. The air is filled with serenity and peace, a time to forget all the material problems in the world. All that is important now is eternal happiness after a long hard struggle.

Did you miss nine of cups?

This is a lucky card to see in a reading. This card usually means that the person will be able to get what they want from the situation and will experience happiness emotionally as a result. This card corresponds to the major arcana card of the Hermit. This card represents emotional bonds, strengthening of romantic bonds, friendships and the consummation of sexual relationships. At this point, joy and happiness is within your grasp. This is the time to feel all emotions as if you have never felt them before. Take time to appreciate all those you love in your life. See the perfection of the world around you. Physically this card represents delight and pleasures. Worries are now in the past and the time to secure your future. However, this card does come with a warning. Enjoy life and living but don’t take it too far as pleasures without regard have dire consequences.

Dark soul of a Gothic Doll

Here is a poem to mark my glorious return. Enjoy.

Siren of the new world,
Her kiss is vampire’s grin.
Doll faced, deep as an ocean.
In bloom, posed to sin.

Purgatory guardian laments,
Touchdown with the drying rain.
Chess queen, fever dog.
Pale enchantress, full of pain.

Do not enter the fairy trail.
I miss you my puppet master.
Pumpkin Queen, Lady Absinthe.
Tortured soul burning faster.

Hero, my lost puppet master.
I dare you, as it is the season.
After the flame dies away.
I hope you remain my reason.

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