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Shark generation

Sharks are a symbol of ability to move constantly, remorselessness, never being caught off guard, ability to defend oneself, hunter, survival, adaptability. Sharks are a symbol of people who are “gut rudders”. These are people who rely on primal instinct. It is a “knowing” that guides all humans but not everyone listen to it. It is the most reliable force we have and helps us protect what is most sacred, life. Sharks are both the oracle and embodiment of life. They also act on life. They do not wait for an opportunity, they are not passive bystanders in this game called life. They are controllers of life and they know what they want and they go and get it.



I want to know what seal is

Seals are a symbol of protection, lucid dreaming, creativity, love, longing, dilemma, active imagination. Seals are an important part of Celtic symbolism due to the fact that they are surrounded by water. Seals were seen as magical as they could disappear beneath the water without leaving so much as a ripple behind.


Your words are like daggers, its takes my life.
You abandoned, forsaken me, your metal wife.
Was it not that I made you, warrior of my world.
I embrace your pain, a light that twirled.

Your words are like daggers, deadlocked as the one.
A distance we walked towards the theatre of fun.
All alone in the full moon madness, there I dance.
Death of a dream that wanted to spring and prance.

Your words are like daggers, wounds that it has caused.
Mysterious girl, even in death, a love that is paused.
Mechanical skull full of cold winter’s truths.
Dear David, in the silent forest, you took the youths.

Your words are like daggers, still bitter and vile.
The messenger of dark memories was always your style.
Renegade and forsaken I surrender myself to you.
Inferno of solar torment was not sated by the dew.

Your words are like daggers, retreating to the secret garden.
My world, this mad mad world began to harden.
Eternal love was wrapped up in a midnight cocoon.
The silence of this angel, no longer able to croon.

Your words are like daggers, sharper than the wolf’s fangs.
Red Riding Hood has forest beauty and death pangs.
The kitten no longer purrs, hidden in the shade.
Thief of my soul as your brandished your verbal blade.

Your words are like daggers, causing no ordinary storm.
The last tune of summer and still not feeling warm.
Was this cold winter heart my poetically fate?
Yet this mistress of time took a chance on one last date.

His words are like flowers, growing in an enchanted woods.
Lost innocence, twisted into cobwebs of silvery goods.
The open door of my heart leads me back to natural magic.
This raven that was forever yours walks away from the tragic.

His words are like flowers, arouses me during the dusk hunt.
The ice nymph is finally free, from that controlling cunt.
My guardian and I, there’s no need for words, sweet or dark.
Actions are all we need, the electricity that brings a spark.

His words are like flowers, cos they are no more lies.
We are closer than close without the need of emotional ties.
He accepts that my soul is a seeker between dark and light.
He holds my hands so I can not wave, so here I say goodnight
And goodbye.

Scorpion love

Scorpions are a symbol of death, rebirth, transmutation, repelling negativity, sex, control, transition, passion, treachery, protection, defensiveness, being alone. The strongest message of the scorpion is one associated with protection and/or isolation. Scorpions themselves are solitary creatures who tend to have brief flashes of passion and then spending years alone. When the scorpions do mate it is in a display of exotic dance, which is one of beauty, control and calculation. The female carries her offspring until they shed their first exoskeleton and then they go out into the big world for their own solitary lives. Another brief and intense burst of intimacy followed by isolation.

Where muses go.

This quote by Plato “Every heart sings a song, incomplete, until another heart whispers back. Those who wish to sing always find a song. At the touch of a lover, everyone becomes a poet.” has ended me up in a debate about muses and poetry. It was implied that I use my muse, my emotions as crutches when writing my poetry. After talking it over with several other poets the conclusion was reached about the “truth” of the poetry itself and not the process of getting there. I will never be able to write on cue because I can not to disengage myself from my emotions and this comes out in my work and to be honest I do not want to. Poetry for me is the release of all that is in my heart onto paper. In recent years it has been pain, depression and misery before it consumes me. Now I am in love will this “need” change? Let’s wait and see.

Happy birthday Mabon

Mabon is not necessary an ancient festival in date or name. The Autumn Equinox was not celebrated in Celtic countries and the Anglo-Saxons had September as a haleg-monath or “Holy month”. The term Mabon is a very recent name applied to the Autumn Equinox coming from Aiden Kelly in the 1970s. Gardnerian Wicca uses the term Autumn Equinox and some neo-pagans use the term Aban Efed, a term created by Iolo Morgannwg. The name was chosen to give the festival a more Celtic feel, as Autumn Equinox was the only one still known by its technical name. Mabon was rather randomly taken for Welsh Myth.

Turn my salmon

Salmons are the symbol of understanding divination messages, rebirth of spiritual knowledge, instinct, persistence, determination, wisdom, inspiration, rejuvenation. The salmon’s main associate is wisdom, in the form of returning home to be reborn and swimming upstream through emotional stress. The salmon is all about getting over obstacles that are put in their way. It wants to be reunited with All That Is. The salmon helps us to find meaning and purpose in life and aids us on our spiritual journey. Celts talk of legendary salmon in a sacred well, that is the source of the river Boyne which flows past Druid temples. This salmon feeds on hazelnuts, and this is the source of their knowledge.

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