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Tired of being a moose

Moose are a symbol of being headstrong, unstoppable longevity, self-esteem and masculine energy. Moose are seen as an animal full of pride but this is not an egoistical pride but a balanced understanding of your good traits and all that you have achieved.



Free to chase dreams.

Bloom her ghost, her past is dead.
Hallow evening, she went to bed.
Vampire soul, looks like a fairy.
Outcast and fallen, yet she was merry.
At the kiss of dawn, no-one found her.
The voice of death left her in a blur.
Yet the mourning dove rose at dawn.
Insomniac, bitter ended shaky fawn.
She took her first steps away from her past.
With nothing left but her pride, free at last.

Take the Lynx away.

Lynx are a symbol of keenness of sight, divination, developing psychic senses, keeper of all secrets and mysteries, movement through time and space, secrets and vision of the hidden and unseen.

Lizards can’t fail

Lizards are a symbol of detachment from ego, power to regenerate that which is lost, facing fear, controlling dreams, moving in the other-world, conservation, agility. Roman mythology shows that the lizard sleeps through the Winter and therefore became a symbol of death and resurrection. In the Mediterranean it is seen as an old family friend. The Greeks and the Egyptians see the lizard as a symbol of good fortune and divine wisdom.

The facts of Lion

Lions are a symbol of letting go of stress, strong family ties, strength, courage, energy, ferocity, assertion of the feminine and the power of the female sun. As lions are a nocturnal animal they are seen as a master of subconscious thought or dreamlike state. However, to contradict this lions are seen as solar animal, although the lioness is seen as lunar. They are a representation of balance as the lion seemingly serves both night and day.

Friends from the Bottom

A tweet on my feed mentioned about the loss of a soul friend. It got me thinking that when we talk about the other half of us, we think of soul mates, but could that person not as easily be a soul friend. A bit of research pointed me towards the concept of anamchara, a soul friend who loves, guides, and listens to you. The Irish term took its journey through Christianity and Druidism. Through Christianity it is seen as part of the concept of the Desert Christianity where their love of being alone, heightens the specialness of friendship. And we all have a friend like that, the one we see rarely but know somehow they will always be there. For more information: http://www.aislingmagazine.com/aislingmagazine/articles/TAM17/Friendship.html


Let the leopard entertain you.

Leopards are a symbol of sensitivity to touch, stalking, approaching someone unseen, movement in shadow worlds, communication with plant kingdom, understanding one’s shadow side, trusting one’s inner self, agility and strength. 

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