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The night the doctor died.

I am a bit of a geek, I have a bit of a fascination with time travel. I love the idea of travelling back in time “putting right what once went wrong” (yes I am a leaper!). And yes this does mean that I am a Whovian and yes this is yet another blog about Dr Who, not about who the new Dr is but who it is not. The Metro ran an article about why he was glad that the new Dr was not a woman. This made me think about time travellers in general and apart from females being part of a team of travellers like Samantha Carter in SG-1 or Capt. Maggie Beckett in Sliders, woman do not have a solo time travelling passport. So was I hoping for a female Dr Who? Actually no, the Dr should stay male, it is a time-honoured (no pun intended) tradition that works, but how about a series with a lead female time traveller. And I will be quite willing to play that role.


Wouldn’t it be feminist?

#Tellafeministthankyou is trending on twitter and within the trend I came across an article about Rihanna and Chris Brown getting back together and how Chris Brown is a hate figure. For all we know she may have thrown the first punch and Chris Brown was “defending” himself. Yet she is the delicate flower and he is the big bad wolf. Gender is not the issue here. NOBODY should hit anyone and if someone hits you, you should be man or woman enough to WALK AWAY. Violence only breed violence. Feminism should not mean you have the right to throw the first punch and be congratulated for it. Do not get me wrong, woman should not put up with violence, but then neither should men. Yet, the assumption is if a man and a woman are fighting, then the man is more “evil”, despite the violence that may be coming from both individuals. Anger and hate should never been acted upon in a negative way i.e. violence, regardless of your gender. These emotions like many others can be channelled into a more positive way, like going to the gym, art, cooking, whatever gets the aggression out of your body without resorting to violence. I have lived with someone with anger issues that threw things and not punches, thankfully. But being empathic I still absorbed all that anger, fuelling my own hate. Yet, I still walked away.

It came from CCTV

It seems that CCTV are being placed in lots of schools including the bathrooms and changing rooms. I do not have any children but as a victim of bully I thought that CCTV was a good idea but was disturbed by the thought of these cameras in bathrooms and changing room until it was pointed out to me that is where most of the bullying takes place. Another issue is who is watching the monitors and what would happen to those tapes. We have all heard of incidents of important documents being left on trains etc., what would happen to these tapes if they fell into “the wrong hands”. There is also the concern that is there anyone watching these monitors at all. If they are employing people to watch the camera then why not just have them “patrolling” these areas. However, I remember in school the changing rooms being monitored by the P.E teacher. I’m still not convinced that CCTV should be in bathrooms and changing rooms.

One short moon

Pagan have their own beliefs when it comes to a blue moon, although none of these go beyond personal opinion. Some believe that this moon has the threefold wisdom of the Crone, it is this threefold energy that can also refer to the Triple Goddess in all three forms, and the triple aspect of Mind, Body and Spirit. Even some Christian use this threefold energy and apply it to the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Some see the blue moon as a heighten time to communicate between yourself and the divine. This is because it is seen as a link with the physical (masculine) and the divine (feminine) making communication not only easier, but more insightful. This means that the energies of this time can be used to set goals and intentions.

This Blue Moon that are in.

Friday is a blue moon. A blue moon is when there two full moon within one calender month. These happen once every two and half years, and of course led to the saying once in a blue moon.  It is even rarer for their to be two blue moons within the same year. This usually happens every nineteen years, the last one being in 1999. This usual happens in January and March because of the short month of February being between them. This is due to the fact the moon takes 29.5 days to go full orbit and therefore can miss February altogether.

I dream of Sex!

As I was watching This Morning I was interested in the coupling of Dennis Hof and Cami Parker, who are a pimp and a prostitute They came on to talk about legalising prostitution in time for the olympics. I feel that prostitution should be legalised, why as a society have we made something that is natural illegal, but more importantly to protect the women themselves.

Beauty takes it all.

Samantha Brick has caused a lot of controversy by claiming that women hate her because she is beautiful. The backlash of negative comments to her seems to reiterate her thoughts. However, after watching her interview on This Morning, I do not dislike (hate is too strong a word) her because she is beautiful but because of her arrogance. I’d already be told off this week for being jealous of size 6 people with fake tits when I have a more naturally womanly body. And jealousy and hate are too different things. Yes, it is empowering to hear a woman that believes that she is attractive, as particularly in British society that we are not meant to blow our own trumpets. However, it should be confidence with a small c and not a capital c and claiming that ever man fancies you and every woman hates you is arrogance and this is probably the source of the hate and not her physical appearance. Below is the link to the original article that sparked the whole debate.


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