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One short moon

Pagan have their own beliefs when it comes to a blue moon, although none of these go beyond personal opinion. Some believe that this moon has the threefold wisdom of the Crone, it is this threefold energy that can also refer to the Triple Goddess in all three forms, and the triple aspect of Mind, Body and Spirit. Even some Christian use this threefold energy and apply it to the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Some see the blue moon as a heighten time to communicate between yourself and the divine. This is because it is seen as a link with the physical (masculine) and the divine (feminine) making communication not only easier, but more insightful. This means that the energies of this time can be used to set goals and intentions.


This Blue Moon that are in.

Friday is a blue moon. A blue moon is when there two full moon within one calender month. These happen once every two and half years, and of course led to the saying once in a blue moon.  It is even rarer for their to be two blue moons within the same year. This usually happens every nineteen years, the last one being in 1999. This usual happens in January and March because of the short month of February being between them. This is due to the fact the moon takes 29.5 days to go full orbit and therefore can miss February altogether.

Ready for autumn?

Mabon is known under many different names including, the Second harvest, Wine festival, Feast of Avalon, Equinozio di Autunno (Strega), Alben Elfed (Caledonii), or Cornucopia. The Teutonic Winter Finding starts at this time and carries on until 15th of October (Winter’s Night) which is seen as the Nordic New Year. It is seen as important to wear your finest clothes and celebrate in style, with lavish food in a lavish setting. It is the time that families and communities come together ready for Samhain. It is time to tie up any lose ends before settling down for some rest and relaxation. It is the symbol of the second harvest, the mysteries, and the balance of light and dark.

I believe in a thing called Mabon

Mabon is unusual compared to the other Celtic holidays that are sometimes celebrated by modern pagans as it is Welsh. Mabon translates as son, usually associated with Mabon ap Modron, meaning Son of Mother. There is some indication that he may have been a sacrificial king, who lost his mortal name, becoming Mother’s Son, living and dying in her name. The Mothers was a collective name often given to land spirits, as well as White Ladies, it is may have led to all energies, spirits etc., being collective known as the Great Mother. The Mothers were seen as a form of feminise energies, who give life energy to a particular area, but she is one Mother of many. The only known myth of Mabon is that within minutes of his birth, he is taken from his mother. How this happens is unknown, he is imprisoned in a castle until his Uncle Arthur (yes King Arthur), as had been prophesied rescued him, and was then involved in the Wooing of Olwen. There is no indication of how long that Mabon is imprisoned, although King Arthur rescues a young man, and not a child. Then Mabon disappears, if he is involved in the Wooing of Olwen it is not recorded. There is another a divine son in Welsh myth, and the similarities between them can not be ignored. Pwyll’s and Rhiannon’s baby also magically disappears, only to reappear years later unharmed.


Secrets, we all have them, some are good, some are bad, some are both. Secrets and lies are seeming to be an important part of life at the moment. Secrets of my recent past and hiding the changes that caused the break up of my relationship with my ex. Secrets of love that can not be expressed, not that I do not have the words, that is all I talk about in my poetry but because the person who I love, probably does not want MY love and more likely does not feel the same. And now the secret of cheating, knowing that someone who been denied love for so long has looked for it elsewhere, and all these secrets shape me, whether or not I  shared them with people directly or though coded poetry. And with these secrets comes the lies, the denying myself the love I want and the lies about the love that others want. I’m caught in secrets and therefore lies.

Beautiful Dick?

As I now that I have your attention, I am afraid that you are going to be disappointed by what this blog is actually about. I have just finished Herman Melville Moby Dick and I’m left feeling very disappointed. This is one of the many classics that are often banded about as “must be read”. Like Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues under the Sea, it seem to be a manual of facts and figures with a thin storyline to hold it all together. 20,000 leagues is full of technical description of the Nautilius that you nearly drown in technical jargon, Moby Dick had chapter after chapter about whales, classification, speeds, how to flay one etc. I did find 20,000 league better as you had the interesting concept that to have peace you must destroy all weapons of war and this can only do through death and destruction, yet if the was a similar plot device within Moby Dick I missed it completely. I’m not sure it says more about Melville as a writer or me as a reader.

I have never reblogged anything before because I have never found anything that needed to be. This does, no matter what you think of celebrities, they are human beings as well. All we can do is wish happiness and hope not only to Gary Barlow, his wife and his children but to all those that have been touched by such tragedy. Also fair play to Jason Manford and his power words.

Rowan Draper - Gracie Barra

Now you know me, I like a laugh. And I do enjoy having a laugh with you lot on here, some of you are witty, some genuinely bonkers, a few of you are dead funny and most of you are respectful, thoughtful human beings and I am honoured that you have liked my page and my work over the years.


Some of you are utterly horrendous. I mean genuinely thick as shit, heartless wastes of oxygen who I am ashamed have liked my page and my work.

Now don’t get me wrong, I like a bit of banter, I can take a joke, I can take an insult, sometimes people go too far, sometimes people get a bit personal but over the years I’ve dished it out and there is very little that anyone can say to me on here that has genuinely hurt me or upset me. Don’t…

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