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All that time travelling

I recently finished the Time Traveler’s Wife and found it an extremely emotional and heart warming book, although a little confusing at the beginning. The characters of Claire and Henry were so well written that you could not help but feel that these people were your friends. You want them to be happy and in their own way, they are. However, this is not a story without tragedy and this is what makes them human. However, it got me thinking, I have had a life-long obsession with Quantum Leap and I’ve always been interested in the concept of time travel but not the scientific side of it. This book has add a new string to this obsession (and yes that is a QL pun). Would you want to go back to your past, knowing what the future holds but not being able to anything about it like in the book? Or would you prefer to be the unassuming hero of QL and saving other people’s lives? I think the answer boils down to whether or not you are a passive viewer of life. Personally I like the idea of changing others people’s lives and the thought of seeing myself in my past knowing that moment was about to change my life forever and watching me make the same mistake over and over again would slowly drive me mad!


Song of life?

Recently I was asked if you were to choose a song to describe your life what would it be and without much thought I said Total Eclipse of the Heart by Bonnie Tyler as it is a song that has haunted me on and off since going to college. However, it is one of those questions that the more you think about it, you realise that it a question that can not be answered by one answer. I’ve alway said that I’ve wanted Meatloaf’s Bat out of Hell played at my funeral and walk down the aisle (if I ever find anyone dumb enough to marry me) to Guns & Roses’  November Rain. Oasis’ Wonderwall would have to play a part as (what’s the story) Morning Glory was the first album I bought and Pulp’s Common People as that was the first song I sung in Karoke (although looking over their back catalouge that is now one of my least favourite Pulp songs). Memories of College when I last felt really happy, always come flooding back with song like Backstreets’ Everybody (Backstreets Back) which I performed a dance routine to and Moby’s Guitar, Flute and Strings (I think thats what its called although I recognise the tune straight away) which was used in a performance of Romeo and Juilet.  And later on I’ll think of something else. So the answer to the question What song describes your life? I’d have to say enough to feel an album!

Gluten free Goddesses

As I know a couple of people who are gluten intolerate as I’ve made my first attempt at gluten free peanut cookies. They look nice and hopefully taste nice as well. I will let you know what they are like after I’ve shared amongst my friends at the Ran Blot. In Nordic tradition, she is the Goddess of the storms (which is good for me) and saves the souls of those lost at sea.


Do you believe in your star sign? Do you read your horoscope everyday? Horoscopes and astrology are in essence two different things. I believe that the positions of the planets when I was born has a significance in my life and who I am. However, horoscopes in papers, are only based on one aspect of our overall chart and that is our Sun sign. However, there is another thing that needs to be taken into consideration and that the 13th sign. In Celtic tradition, there are 13 tree signs and the 23rd of December is known as the ‘the nameless day’ as it falls under no sign. Yet there was a 13th sign, Ophiuchus. This constellation is found near the celestial equator. His right foot is by Scorpio and would fall between this and Sagittarius. Why did it disappear from our horoscopes? Is it due to the ‘unlucky’ number it would amount to? Its association with serpents? (its name means serpent bearer) Or is it due to the fact that the sun would then only spend six days in Scorpio and would make the whole thing far to confusing for ‘normal’ people to understand?  Does it even matter? Is our fate written in the stars at all? Belief is an important part of this ‘commercialisation’ of the horoscope industry but as long as you are aware that this is fortune-telling for the masses, then what is the harm. If you are interested in what the stars hold for you, then get a professional to do you a star chart instead of reading it from the Daily Star. By the way, if you are wondering I’m both a typical Capricorn and Birch sign, and that was Birch although I can be that as well! Today according to the horoscope my day will be as follows:

Your emotional state is usually pretty even-keeled, but today, you’re even more so! See if you can surprise someone with a funny story or a knowing glance that lets them know you’re in on the secret.

You can expect to be feeling a little confused when it comes to some romantic matters today. And if you’re presented with a few challenging situations in your most personal relationships, just try to remember to remain as flexible as possible. You ought to end up enjoying plenty of good times by later tonight. (oh ah misses!)

There’s bound to be a bit of a conflict between your thoughts and feelings today, but there should be plenty of helpful energy available to you no matter what direction you’d like to go in. And you ought to be feeling recharged and ready for a few interesting new adventures at the moment. Mantra: Transformation.

Not sure how you can be both on an even keel emotionally and be confused and conflicted but it is something I’m willing to have a stab at. And I know how to achieve that. Bring on the booze!!! I suggest that if you can not make decisions for yourself then invest in a penny. Heads will be yes and tails would be no. Toss the penny and follow its divine intervention. It will be more clear than a horoscope and just as likely to be true!


In the beginning……..

Hello, I’m now one of the many people who believes that they have something to say and that millions of people want to hear it. I’m a woman less than a year away of hitting the big 30, a fact that is highlighted by being back in education and surrounded by twenty years old and younger. My blogs, in my head, are full of witticism and laughter, reality however, may be different. Please enjoy my rantings.

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