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So why do witches fly on broomsticks? The answer is depends on who you ask. Some say that it is a representation of housework, some say that it is thinly veiled reference to witches “getting high” from their potions. In Wicca, the broom or besom is used to cleanse sacred spaces. The first image apparently of this was in 1280 A.D but I can not find it. The first I can find is from 1440. Below is the link to the website with more information.



It is all going back to Brazil

My latest author that I’m stalking is John Updike and so far the result had been disappointing. His poetry was too “kitchen sink” for my liking and Bech was such an unlikeable character that I struggled to read the book. However, Brazil is amazing. I would recommend this book. Although be warned this is a book contains kinky sex, prostitutes, and underlying racism. A brutal love story that so much more real than chocolate boxes and roses.

Stereotypical Litha

Aditi is the Hindu Goddess who gave birth to the universe and all the heavenly bodies. She is the light the shines on everyone and causes the consciousness. She is honoured at Litha as the Goddess of light.

Save me from myself.

Joy is an endangered species,
I know I’m not the one he sees.
Not in the blackest night,
Or the sparkling sunlight.
No-one knows what happens in private lives,
Living on the edge of those proverbial knives.
I gave you my pretty pound of flesh,
All wrapped up in a bow and mesh.
As Blodeuwedd owl took flight,
My forbidden love went out of sight.
Dreaming of a bitter lullaby,
Silence essence of the word hi.
No body chooses to be a sinner,
Everybody dreams of being a winner.
I still believe in a serenade of sorrow,
Will make me fall into tomorrow.
Nightmares full of falling rain,
Scarlet roses scented with pain.
I already feel battered and too old,
Spent most of my life in the cold.
To save my sanity and twisted health,
I need to save me from myself.

Imagine Wight

Tonight I shall be partaking in a Wight Rite. Wights, Genius Loci are spirits of place, an energy that makes the place sacred or special. It can even be the God or Goddess of an area.

I dream of Sex!

As I was watching This Morning I was interested in the coupling of Dennis Hof and Cami Parker, who are a pimp and a prostitute They came on to talk about legalising prostitution in time for the olympics. I feel that prostitution should be legalised, why as a society have we made something that is natural illegal, but more importantly to protect the women themselves.

Bohemian Litha

Litha or the summer solstice is the longest day. The “male” aspect of the Goddess is at its peak. Litha is the day of mid-summer. Although from the scientific point of view this is seen as the first day of summer.

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