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Happy St. George’s Day

Happy St George’s day and congratulations to those that are actually celebrating your patron saint today. I’m not a native but I’m having a slight nod to St George at a dragon themed medieval banquet tomorrow but this is more to do with my love of dragons and not dragonslayers. So why is it not celebrated as much as other patron saints? People like the BNP will argue that immigrants have stopped the celebration as it may upset them, but I do not believe this is true. While immigration is not as strong in the rest of the British Isle as England it still happens and the patron saints are still celebrated.  Tell me what you think the reason is and what celebrations you are doing.


The memory goes on……

The memory is an interesting subject. Is memory just experiences or it is facts, and figures? It is funny the crap that retains itself in our consciousness. I can recite the opening spiel to Quantum Leap (I’ve already mentioned my small obsession with this show), but can not remember the name of the creator of the multi-store memory model (ironic I know). So what is the most useless piece of information you know?

Shameful picture?

I’ve never watched The Only Way is Essex, but wrongly assumed that it was just full of tiny girls. The outrage over Gemma Collins picture has proven me wrong. Is it wrong that a size 20 girl has posed naked? I’ve been diagnosed morbidly obese and felt that I had to lose the weight straight away and has left me very paranoid about my size. While the picture of Gemma is a refreshing change from all the picture of skinny people we are usually bombarded with, does this promote obesity?

The fact that Gemma is an attractive girl has worked in her favour, however Daily Mail comments are more against the picture than for. What is this nations obsession with size? We pick holes in people who are too skinny and too fat, what is acceptable? The average dress size of a woman in Britain is a size 16 which is what I was at my heaviest and I was completely belittled by my doctor for it, yet for Gemma she has been allowed to flaunt it when she is essentially much bigger than me.

Maybe this just comes down to personality, I’ve always been bullied for my size, by my own mother, and when I went home recently after losing 2 and half stone, my mothers response was that I was still ‘chubby’ around the face. Ultimately for me personally I’m always proud of my fellow woman, regardless of size who are happy in their own skin, maybe one day I’ll learn to do the same.  If you’ve not seen the picture below is a link:


Thinking of Summer

The weather has greatly improved over the last few days and while it is nice to have bright sunny day, I’m not a fan of summer. Firstly for someone who grew up in Wales, sun is not part of my childhood. Secondly, for a woman it is the hassle of extra shaving, especially since I lost lots of weight and I’m single, more flesh is on display then has been for a long time, but despite fifteen years of shaving I still can not get the hang of it. I’m either allergic to the shave foam, which mean I can only dry shave. I, therefore end up with legs that are red raw and no matter how often I go over my legs, I still have hairs that refuse to shift. Summer is also the time that all the fit, skinny perfectly bronzed girls come out and I’m left feeling fat and pale in comparison. Am I the only one thinking, Roll on Autumn?

Mother’s Megamix

It’s the allocated day of the year when we show our mother’s how much we love them and is guilt tripped into buying over priced flowers and chocolates just because the calendar says so. My mother and I have had an uneasy relationship over the years but I buy her things when I find trinkets I believe that she will enjoy and not because it is a certain date. Birthdays are the exception because the media does not ram that down our throats but even Christmas has turned into one great guilt trip. The other thing that is annoying me is the ‘products’ flogged at this time of the year and the age of the mother they are aimed at. My mother is going to be 60 this year, she does not listen to Ellie Goulding, or Olly Murrs or even Ronan Keating, and if it is older song then it is repackaged and sung but someone who did not even win a talent contest!! Appreciation of your mother who brought you into the world should happen all year and not one day.

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