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Shameful picture?

I’ve never watched The Only Way is Essex, but wrongly assumed that it was just full of tiny girls. The outrage over Gemma Collins picture has proven me wrong. Is it wrong that a size 20 girl has posed naked? I’ve been diagnosed morbidly obese and felt that I had to lose the weight straight away and has left me very paranoid about my size. While the picture of Gemma is a refreshing change from all the picture of skinny people we are usually bombarded with, does this promote obesity?

The fact that Gemma is an attractive girl has worked in her favour, however Daily Mail comments are more against the picture than for. What is this nations obsession with size? We pick holes in people who are too skinny and too fat, what is acceptable? The average dress size of a woman in Britain is a size 16 which is what I was at my heaviest and I was completely belittled by my doctor for it, yet for Gemma she has been allowed to flaunt it when she is essentially much bigger than me.

Maybe this just comes down to personality, I’ve always been bullied for my size, by my own mother, and when I went home recently after losing 2 and half stone, my mothers response was that I was still ‘chubby’ around the face. Ultimately for me personally I’m always proud of my fellow woman, regardless of size who are happy in their own skin, maybe one day I’ll learn to do the same.  If you’ve not seen the picture below is a link:



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