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Thinking of Summer

The weather has greatly improved over the last few days and while it is nice to have bright sunny day, I’m not a fan of summer. Firstly for someone who grew up in Wales, sun is not part of my childhood. Secondly, for a woman it is the hassle of extra shaving, especially since I lost lots of weight and I’m single, more flesh is on display then has been for a long time, but despite fifteen years of shaving I still can not get the hang of it. I’m either allergic to the shave foam, which mean I can only dry shave. I, therefore end up with legs that are red raw and no matter how often I go over my legs, I still have hairs that refuse to shift. Summer is also the time that all the fit, skinny perfectly bronzed girls come out and I’m left feeling fat and pale in comparison. Am I the only one thinking, Roll on Autumn?


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