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Mother’s Megamix

It’s the allocated day of the year when we show our mother’s how much we love them and is guilt tripped into buying over priced flowers and chocolates just because the calendar says so. My mother and I have had an uneasy relationship over the years but I buy her things when I find trinkets I believe that she will enjoy and not because it is a certain date. Birthdays are the exception because the media does not ram that down our throats but even Christmas has turned into one great guilt trip. The other thing that is annoying me is the ‘products’ flogged at this time of the year and the age of the mother they are aimed at. My mother is going to be 60 this year, she does not listen to Ellie Goulding, or Olly Murrs or even Ronan Keating, and if it is older song then it is repackaged and sung but someone who did not even win a talent contest!! Appreciation of your mother who brought you into the world should happen all year and not one day.


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