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Snow fairy

This cold hearted angel is lonely.
My art is darkness, but my beauty is decay.
I do not want to be the last one standing.
Catch me as I fall and turn to grey.
Me the angel of mercy and my snow fairy.
I was to be your eternal bride.
If you ceased to exist I’d cry.
Spellbound, I thought you lied.
Snow fairy, angel of my soul.
We had love through the pain.
In the white waters I was dead.
You dragged me out by my red chain.
I was a mesmerized sleeping beauty.
The birds call me the lonely dame.
Wait, bleeding but still surviving.
Dancing to hide my blind shame.
Freedom, snow fairy was my pain.
Blood orchid you gave me snow fairy.
So we sailed the black ships.
Requiem to the broken cherry.
Lady of the crows and snow fairy.
Are left outside alone singing sad songs.
Through Gothic autumns, ocean whispers.
Russian kisses and black bird wrongs.
The Autumn is the my lonely heart.
Between the mirror I love you to death.
But the snow fairy is timeless.
I will wait for that love to my last breath.


Take a cheetah.

Cheetahs are a symbol of the ability to focus intently on something for a short period of time, swiftness, self-esteem, accelerating time, keenness of sight, speed, making events occur quicker. Cheetahs are unique amongst the felines who use speed instead of stalking to catch their prey. This teaches us that to achieve our goals we must use speed and focus. Cheetahs can cause us to jump out of a rut. However, speed alone is not enough, running around like a headless chicken, the cheetah teaches us about keeping our eyes on the goal.  Proof that sometimes all the planning in the world will not give a better outcome than just going for it. Cheetahs help if plans go awry due to lack of clarity, or putting things off. Also the cheetah teaches us to not take on too much at one time, to focus on one goal at a time.

Got my chameleon working

Chameleons are a symbol of using colour as camouflage, survival, patience, ability to climb to attain ones goals, using the sun as a source of power. The chameleon teaches us how to show our true colours in our environment and emotional state. The mind and intelligence can be used as a form of defence, when used with discernment and patience. The chameleon teaches us how to be adaptable for our environment. This means that we can use the skill of sensitivity and independence to cope with changes to our mind, body and spirit.

Cat to start

Cats are a symbol of independence, protection, love, allows us to dream its dreams, assists in meditation, ability to fight when cornered, mystery, magic, guardianship, detachment, sensuality, aloofness, balance, wisdom, recuperative power, reincarnation, strong protector, self-assured, searching for hidden information, seeing spirits. For the Celts cats are the guardian of the underworld.

Words of a knight

Follow me into the nothingness dark.
Full of blood orchids and willow bark,
Damned memories and black feathers.
This queen is adorned in blessed leathers.
You are wrath’s little peacefully sad boy.
Wofhearted and full of reaper’s joy
We are prisoners of muteness.
No empty tears shed in cuteness.
Romantics of the dark lane.
Symphonies played in the brain.
Silent forests sing a sad song.
Tears for things that went wrong.
At the village of the doomed.
Living everyday to be consumed.
Red roses and bloody kisses.
Beautified by serpent hisses.
This fallen angel is thinking,
The bloody orchid is shrinking.
The queen of hearts and cats.
Disenchanted by reflective bats.
Forsaken, may I dream again?
My sweetest nightmare is lain.
Trapped within this red tale.
Wait for me within this jail.
That one magical clear night.
Vale of tears and royal might.
Little Miss Magic called her God.
Resurrected angel poked and prod.
Nearly entered the winter land.
Snow angel and Death was banned.
I hand a bleeding rose to my idol.
Eternal black bird song is bridal.
In the jungle of dreams I’m yours.
A chained prisoner all these years.
My ghosts are gaining on me.
Doll wars are beyond a plea.
Touch of red returns the feeling.
Out of the water and kneeling.
Red magical spell of sadness.
Unloved melody leads to madness.
Little fish spirits out of water.
Rest not in peace or empty slaughter.
Angel of death talks to the stars.
Angel of the sad talks to Mars.
Birds dream of freedom like the night.
Infernal majesty is my right.
Lonely forest of captured creatures.
The legend morning star my preacher.
While reaching for heaven’s door.
Queen of time, misfortune whore.
That magic night when I surrender.
The twilight is my lender.
Like there’s no tomorrow.
Snakes slither towards sorrow.
Raped of purity and barely alive.
Always there and dancing jive.
Beautifully sad my metallic words.
Some colour is amongst the birds.
Impossible love in this place.
Lonely days wrapped up in lace.
Burning the fall witch of the lost.
Lying, praying for gravity crossed.
Spiders take over this toxic city.
You, lightning thief are so pretty.
Sleeping butterfly and phantom queen.
Macabre and beautiful clean.
Instead of blood that was shed.
The lullaby words were read.
My heart remains broken.
Yet these words are spoken.

Wouldn’t it be feminist?

#Tellafeministthankyou is trending on twitter and within the trend I came across an article about Rihanna and Chris Brown getting back together and how Chris Brown is a hate figure. For all we know she may have thrown the first punch and Chris Brown was “defending” himself. Yet she is the delicate flower and he is the big bad wolf. Gender is not the issue here. NOBODY should hit anyone and if someone hits you, you should be man or woman enough to WALK AWAY. Violence only breed violence. Feminism should not mean you have the right to throw the first punch and be congratulated for it. Do not get me wrong, woman should not put up with violence, but then neither should men. Yet, the assumption is if a man and a woman are fighting, then the man is more “evil”, despite the violence that may be coming from both individuals. Anger and hate should never been acted upon in a negative way i.e. violence, regardless of your gender. These emotions like many others can be channelled into a more positive way, like going to the gym, art, cooking, whatever gets the aggression out of your body without resorting to violence. I have lived with someone with anger issues that threw things and not punches, thankfully. But being empathic I still absorbed all that anger, fuelling my own hate. Yet, I still walked away.

The phantom of the past.

I have just finished a book called Iris Murdoch: A Retrospective Fiction. The book looks at how the characters and plot of six of Iris’s books are influenced by the concept of the past. While reading the book I was stuck by how much I do this myself. I am often accused of living in the past and if I was a character in Iris’s books, it would be my undoing and yet I am unsure how to stop it.

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