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I will come to Yule

As Yule comes, the snow may not have yet fallen, but there is a strong chill in the air. The colours for your altar, are cool blues, whites, reds and greens. Candles of wintry colours will compliment your altar and sparkles is never a bad thing. Yule is the time of the return of the sun, and so solar representations are always welcome on the altar. This could be golden disc, yellow candles, just anything that is bright and shiny. Evergreen boughs can be place on the altar as well as holly, and the yule log. Antlers or reindeer could be there as the symbols of fertility.  But anything seasonal can be place on your altar, fruit and nuts, mistletoe, candy cane and bells. And many of the natural aspects can be incorporated into some crafty items for the altar, such as incense, wreaths, herb sachet and pentacle.


Just a grey

Grey is the colour of knowledge, lore and wisdom. It is associated with wizardry, as it is neither black nor white and encompasses all colours while being none of them. It is used in stabilising a disturbed personality and neutralising and removing negative influences. People with grey auras tend to be violent or negative people, or people who are unhappy and have low energy. This aura tends to indicate people with a lack of commitment. Grey also represents sadness, mourning, humility, doubt, loneliness, glamour, contemplation and uncertainty.

Love is a loaded violet

Violet is the colour of the spirit, etheric realms, higher esoteric learning, ancient wisdom and the deeper mysteries of the cosmos. It has connections to wealth, power and good fortune. With its association with royalty, violet represents judgement, industry and religious thought, Jupiter, Thursday, Crown Chakra and old age. It is connected to Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius and Pisces.


Prima Brown

Brown is the colour Beast Mastery, as it is most common colour of fur and feathers, and all things soft and fluffy. Brown Wizards tend to work in pet stores, animal hospitals, shelters, zoo or are park rangers or wildlife rescuers. It is associated with Scorpio, Capricorn, Imbolc, Lammas and Mabon. People with brown auras tend to be either a selfish person or in need of healing and is in a very fragile state. 

One Pink

Pink is the colour of relationships with people especially family, love, intimacy and romance and it is therefore associated with Venus as is copper. Copper is related to fertility and growth of Venus whereas pink is more the emotional side of Venus, specifically the emotional love of one’s self and others.


Another colour, another red

Red represents the Element of Fire, and is linked to Alchemy, magickal arts and the sciences of transformation. It is connected with passion, fire, courage, strength, joy, life renewal, energy, health, motivation, desire and lifeblood. Red is associated with healing of people and animals, command, Mars, Tuesday, Gemini and the root Chakra (Bones, teeth, nails, colon, prostate gland, rectum, blood and blood cells). Red is the colour of inspiration, vitality, pride, aggressive music and lightning storms. Red is used to ward off danger, stability, grounding, prosperity and physical health. People with red auras tend to be physically fit and is the natural aura for athletes. People with red auras have vitality, ambition, sexual power and leadership qualities.



Orange in the jar

Orange is the colour of the performing arts and stage magic. It is associated with pride, courage, heroism, attraction, kinship, prosperity. it is attuned to warmth, friendship, abundance, spirit, will, principles, theory and alertness, opportunities, happiness, mental alertness, kindness, material gain, removes feelings of abandonment and helps to seal a spell, encouragement, adaptability, stimulation, plenty, charges your sexual energy and enhances the immune system. Orange is also the colour of Sun, Leo and Sagittarius, Sundays, Samhain, and Beltane. It is connected to the Sacral Charka (Pelvis, kidneys, womb, bladder, blood, lymph, gastric juices, sperm, adrenaline.) While people whose aura contains orange are seen as needing to reduce their stress levels, it is the natural aura for people who are outgoing, have physical vitality and harmony. Orange overall has a gentle warming effect. Orange should be used sparingly as it is not a good colour for nervous or easily agitated people.

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