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It has been yellow

Yellow is the symbol of the element of air, divination, mental work such as meditation, will, intellect, and communication, as well as the energy of the sun, healing, friendship, strengthen productivity, improve inventiveness, prosperity, self-esteem, beauty, life, light, humility, persuasion, confidence, jealousy, joy and comfort,  It is associated with Wednesday, Mercury, Taurus and the Solar Plexus chakra (lower back, gall bladder, pancreas, liver, spleen, and digestive system). Golden yellow is the colour of charm, trust, Summer, bright sounds like children’s laughter and upbeat music. Pastel yellow are the colour of Spring, psychic endeavours and creativity. Yellow is used to improve balance, self-esteem, charisma, divination and creativity. It is also used for strength of will, vitality, purpose and effectiveness. Those with a yellow aura are naturally intellectual and tends to be the aura colour of writers, people with yellow aura are full of love, creativity and kindness. Yellow is connected to the Sun and is linked with Orunmila, Oshoshi, Ra, Shakti and Sun Deities.


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