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The night the doctor died.

I am a bit of a geek, I have a bit of a fascination with time travel. I love the idea of travelling back in time “putting right what once went wrong” (yes I am a leaper!). And yes this does mean that I am a Whovian and yes this is yet another blog about Dr Who, not about who the new Dr is but who it is not. The Metro ran an article about why he was glad that the new Dr was not a woman. This made me think about time travellers in general and apart from females being part of a team of travellers like Samantha Carter in SG-1 or Capt. Maggie Beckett in Sliders, woman do not have a solo time travelling passport. So was I hoping for a female Dr Who? Actually no, the Dr should stay male, it is a time-honoured (no pun intended) tradition that works, but how about a series with a lead female time traveller. And I will be quite willing to play that role.


After Love

Last night I watched a programme called Surviving Hitler: A Love Story. I found the programme very interesting, and moving. The programme was about a Jewish woman and a solider and their part in the Valkyrie plot and how despite all that they were going through they still loved each other and become the first people to wed in postwar Germany. It was beautiful to think of love surviving in such a time of hate, like a rose growing amongst the weeds, but it also make me wonder if in today’s society have we made love as disposable as everything else. As Meat Loaf sang “Is nothing sacred any more? Is forever just another word? When love was worth fighting for. ” How can we measure happiness? Divorce rates? My parents stayed together and they admit that they do not love each other. Is that happiness? Has love become mundane? Has love become something we just do? Is love not tested any more? And therefore they is no need to fight for it. I wish I had some answers. I have nothing but questions.

I dream of Sex!

As I was watching This Morning I was interested in the coupling of Dennis Hof and Cami Parker, who are a pimp and a prostitute They came on to talk about legalising prostitution in time for the olympics. I feel that prostitution should be legalised, why as a society have we made something that is natural illegal, but more importantly to protect the women themselves.

Beauty takes it all.

Samantha Brick has caused a lot of controversy by claiming that women hate her because she is beautiful. The backlash of negative comments to her seems to reiterate her thoughts. However, after watching her interview on This Morning, I do not dislike (hate is too strong a word) her because she is beautiful but because of her arrogance. I’d already be told off this week for being jealous of size 6 people with fake tits when I have a more naturally womanly body. And jealousy and hate are too different things. Yes, it is empowering to hear a woman that believes that she is attractive, as particularly in British society that we are not meant to blow our own trumpets. However, it should be confidence with a small c and not a capital c and claiming that ever man fancies you and every woman hates you is arrogance and this is probably the source of the hate and not her physical appearance. Below is the link to the original article that sparked the whole debate.


Fuel on the fire

This is a post that could go on forever but I will try not to. It is the story of Zachary who at 5 have been diagnosed with Gender Identity Disorder. As I live with a transgender individual and it is something I’m interested in understanding more. However, at 5 do you really have a concept of gender? When I discuss this with my flat mate, she indicates that she has no memory of being 5, never mind feeling that she was trapped in the wrong body. For her once puberty happened and her body did not develop the way she hoped for then she thought that she might have been born in the wrong body. It is nice to see that both Zach parents and the school are positive but I’m a little concerned that the health professionals have diagnosed this child so young. Is this just a phrase? On This Morning they had a debate between a woman who had a “tomboy” phrase and a mother who son is now her daughter at 8, and it was interesting the difference experiences and the mother explained that she knew it was not a phrase due to the suicidal tendencies and I think in that case it seemed very obvious that this was a case of GID. However, at the end of the day, I do not know these people’s lives but maybe splashing it all over the front pages of the newspaper is not the way to “talk” about this.


Women are spending up to 20 mins deciding on a pudding as they are worried about looking unhealthy. Some even say that they are denying themselves a pudding just become they think it is unladylike. This saddens me. Is this just re-establishing that women should be slender and controlling what they eat. I have never been bothered about what I eat in front of others, although I have had weight issues which was not helped by the ex’s father, who use to always comment that I should not have pudding when I went round there for Sunday lunch, despite the fact that he himself was overweight. Since losing the weight I can not eat like I use to and do not have desserts as often as I use to but when I do I make sure it is the most fattening dessert on the menu, otherwise what is the point! The last time I had dessert out, the waiter, while place a BIG slice of chocolate fudge cake in front of me, said that no one can finish it. Well, that was a challenge I could not refuse! But did I feel sick afterwards?! Are men just as self-conscious about dessert or is it still acceptable for men to eat what they want? All I want to say is eat what you, I will not judge you on it. Unless it is Marmite, that is just wrong!

Bitter attraction

A “Love Guru” on the TV said that we are not attracted to people because of their physical appearance but more to do with the fact that they have values and personality traits that we are looking for. This has come on the back of Adele saying that she does not care what her man looks like as long as he can make her laugh and can cook. However, this can not be strictly be true, if it was would we not all be bisexual. Some people are looking physically for a man or a woman, even if they do not have a “type”. Therefore physicality must come into it.

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