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Low man’s rabbit

Rabbits/hares are a symbol of guile, quick-thinking, humility, strengthening intuition, releasing fear, overcoming the past, resolution to change, fertility, new life, alertness, nurturing, rebirth, balance, Mother Nature, spring. The term ‘madder than a March hare’ comes from the fact that hares go a little crazy at this time of year, feeling the new beginnings of spring more than anyone else. They respond to this with wild courtship. To them spring is a celebration of life and they literally bounce back into it. Rabbits are well-known for their ability to reproduce at speed, and this makes them the perfect symbol for new life, new beginnings and growth. Hares also have connects with Ostara, a fertility Goddess who symbols include the hare, various flowers and eggs, all symbols of rebirth and growth.


The shortest pig

Pigs/sows are a symbol of the Crone Goddess, rooting out the truth, deep Earth magick, past life knowledge, intelligence, cunning, generosity, nourishment, discovery. Ancient Egyptians saw the pig, or more specific the sow as the symbol of the Great Mother, and symbols of fertility and abundance. In this context, she is associated with Isis, the Goddess of fertility. The Celts also had similar symbolism associated with pig, being associated with both the Mother and abundance as Manannan had a herd of pigs that never dwindled. The pig is also associated with Ceridwen and Phaea who are both moon Goddesses. In Chinese culture the pig is associated with virility, strength and fertility.

Amongst the ashes

You pulled the strings one more time.
Legend of Valkyries at his prime.
Dancer of lost memories rhyme.
Cinderella of enchanted forest crime.

At the magical forest renewal.
Follow me into the duel.
Where the nights cry it’s cruel.
The black witch will take the jewel.

The wishing well is silver and cold.
Never let you go if I be so bold.
The duchess can keep her gold.
All of your love is on hold.

Lost dreams of this corpse bride.
Yule time was when she last cried.
Surreal paradise filled with pride.
Love songs of how you lied.

Raven is finally here with you.
Vanity of frozen veins that grew.
The whisper of souls start to spew.
The dream begin to come true.

A heart, promised you would keep.
Lonely, and close to sleep.
Legend of the dragon deep.
Slave to the reapers creep

Purgatory homes the sea witch.
Farewell to the waterfall bitch.
The best things are bound to switch.
A mystic devious nightmare to ditch.

Lights down on this Yule heart.
Chased hope like I was a tart.
I’ve been looking at the purest art.
Falling for you, I fell apart.

Here is the tale of Pandora and Master.
Who fell into the water mist disaster
Those little friends and sole pastor.
The night never came much faster.

Amongst the ashes they found peace.
Years of pain begin to cease.
Yesterdays have lost their lease.
Heaven they now have apiece.

Phoenix reborn

Another one of my many dreams,
A bird with wings magnificent and vast.
Being consumed on a fiery pyre,
Watching the phoenix come to past.
It noted my arrival and the tale to be told,
My loved ones reveal themselves to me.
Only you made me feel this loved,
Remember, look for the phoenix in all you see.
My pale, haggard lips part to form a smile,
The winds were cold, but the phoenix is safe.
Even as it turned to desensitised dust,
Do not fear the survival of this tiny waif.
A single feather lies on my back,
Reminding me that I can take all of that.
Chained to the wall with my depression,
Tears that were shed from careless chat.
Dying a thousand times only to be reborn,
Until the silver flamed fires fill the skies.
Consuming the dying trapping brambles,
Taking from you compassion, my prize.
You have given me a strong fight,
To live to hear your beckoning call.
To rise again from that same pyre,
Yet I have no energy, forced to crawl.
You forced the new being out of me, light into dark,
Just to be relived of the wicked thing I once did.
The dark skies are immediately illuminated,
The past does not matter now, my final bid.
For freedom, a life, a phoenix reborn.

Phoenix from Mars

Phoenix are a symbol of overcoming impossible odds, reincarnation, new life/cycles, cleansing energy of fire, rebirth, renewal, growth spiritually  strength, energy. A phoenix is a magical mystical creature that has symbolism associated with all cultures through the world, although it may be known by other names. In Ancient Egypt it is called the Benu bird; in India Garuda; in China Feng Huang; and in Japan Ho-oo. Phoenix is also a symbol associated with Alchemy. The phoenix, in many respects is immortal, when its life cycles reaches its end, he will sacrifice himself within fire and will be reborn three days later. Unlike a snake, which also goes through a rebirth, the phoenix due to his ability to fly and therefore has association with air, mind and spirit. A phoenix’s transform is more complete as they is give themselves away completely to be reborn.

Panther of dreams

Panthers are a symbol of astral travel, guardian energy, symbol of the feminine, understanding of death, reclaiming ones power, ability to know the dark, rebirth, swiftness, cunning, strength, perseverance, boldness, beauty, gaining confidence. Panthers are a powerful and protective force and you would be blessed to have such a fierce and aggressive guardian. They are a symbol of power, courage and valour. In Southern and Central America, the panther is seen as having solar vibrancy. The people that associate themselves with panthers tend to have a deeper understanding of spiritual matters.


Owl of my youth

Owls are a symbol of silent and swift movement, seeing behind masks, keen sight, messenger of secrets and omens, shape-shifting, link between the dark, unseen world and the world of light, comfort with shadow self, moon magick, freedom, silent wisdom, nocturnal vision, healing powers, magical detachment, change, the mystery of magic, the arts, watchfulness, night magick, truth, patience. Owls are sacred to Athena, the Greek Goddess of learning. Owls were also depicted on some forms of Greco-Roman coins, giving it symbolism connected with status, intelligence and wealth. Egyptian, Celtic and Hindu all associate the owl with the underworld and protectors of the dead. Therefore the Owl is ruler of the night and seer of souls.

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