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Thank you for the love.

I think anyone that regularly follows my blog, they will know when it is not full of paganism, it is full of bad poetry about unrequited love. But recently I started thinking what is it I am actually desiring when I am looking love. There is no clear-cut answer. I am desire his body and his personality but these pleasurable sensations can not be all that I am desiring. Lovers enjoy time in each other company and these pleasure must be reciprocated. My pleasure in my muse heightens his pleasure which in turn heightens my own and so forth. Therefore love is at least two people so they can become a “we”. The problem of this to become a “we” individuality can be lost as two become one. The stronger will devour the weaker until their cries are stifled, the stronger one, is now alone, unloved and unloving. Or least that is what recent experience has taught me. Maybe I need to ponder this some more.


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