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Phoenix from Mars

Phoenix are a symbol of overcoming impossible odds, reincarnation, new life/cycles, cleansing energy of fire, rebirth, renewal, growth spiritually  strength, energy. A phoenix is a magical mystical creature that has symbolism associated with all cultures through the world, although it may be known by other names. In Ancient Egypt it is called the Benu bird; in India Garuda; in China Feng Huang; and in Japan Ho-oo. Phoenix is also a symbol associated with Alchemy. The phoenix, in many respects is immortal, when its life cycles reaches its end, he will sacrifice himself within fire and will be reborn three days later. Unlike a snake, which also goes through a rebirth, the phoenix due to his ability to fly and therefore has association with air, mind and spirit. A phoenix’s transform is more complete as they is give themselves away completely to be reborn.


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