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A decade under the boar

Boars are a symbol of the warrior spirit, leadership, direction, lust, gluttony, fertility, prophecy and magic. This is an animal that is strong, difficult to kill, and dangerous. Boars will face battles with nobility and bravery. He is a fierce fighter. To the Celt, the Boar is a magical creature. Boars head represents health, and power of life-force and vitality. The head is often part of Celtic ritual feasting. Boars are especially associated with the Celtic Goddess Arduinna, patroness of the Ardennes forests. He would be sacrificed as the Yule pig, served with an apple in his mouth. It is believed that eating meat from a boar’s head will restore health. There are also many myths that involve hunting a great boar. Irish myth has a divine boar who portents death and disaster. Finn McCool who was the elderly leader of the Fianna, arranged for Diarmuid, to be killed when boar-hunting figures were on altars after Finn’s wife ran away with Diarmuid. Twrch Trywth was turned into a boar and chased by King Arthur and his knights before diving into the sea. In the Mabinogion, Twrch is portrayed as an enemy of King Arthur. Tacitus, the Roman commentary alleged that the Celtic warriors wore boar skins instead of armour, believing that it would give them the power of “the Mother of the Gods” and would make them fearless in battle.


Blackbirds are burning

Blackbirds are a symbol of enchantment, the gateway, the inner call, understanding of the energies of Mother Nature. However, blackbird do not give their messages easily. They like to watch and observe us. They demand our loyalty and will only reveal their messages when they think that we are committed to the truth, both the good (light) and bad (dark) parts of the truth. This has links with lunar traditions. Blackbirds symbolises the eternal struggle of light vs dark part of lunar cycles. This is about being aware of the night. To achieve this you have to change the way you use your senses. You need to have a commitment to higher knowledge and an acceptance of the void. This has links with alchemy, transformation and transition. The bird is a symbol of the heavens and blackness is a symbol of pure potential.

Beaver Miracle

The beaver is a symbol of doing, building and gathering. Their buildings can change the entire flow of a river. This means as well as having an association with water, it has an association with the building of dreams. The beaver tells us to believe in our dreams and to build on that. You can the change the course of your life force to coax your dreams into reality. Due to the fact that it is a water creature it has links to emotions, psyche, motion, intuition and the subconscious. The beaver is more than a worker, it is a diligent worker. Their dams do not appear over night or by wishing them into existence. The beaver tell you that having dreams is great but you have to work at them. However, beavers are also social animals, and they also symbolise play and enjoyment, but this is especially done with the family. So while work is important, so is time spent with yourself and loved ones. The beaver does not like unbalance and sets out to put things right.


Stop the patience

As you know I have been looking for love and even went on a date last month which was a great success, or so I thought. Life has a way of messing up any plans. He is going to Russia for six months because of work and has told me “not to wait”. This got me thinking about how easily people throw other people away. Why not wait? I am a very patient person, I waited two and half years for one gentleman for before he decided to return to his ex (and have since split up again), so six month is nothing. Maybe part of the issue is that we have had only had one date and maybe it is too early to put that sort of “demand” on the relationship. When you think of the World Wars and the loved ones that waited patiently and heroically behind for their men, in a time where communication was at a minimum, it takes on a sheen of sacredness. Although like most things the past is seen through rose-tinted glasses and from my own family heritage I know not all those women did wait and while the cat was away, those women played! Today it is easier to keep in contact with loved ones far away, (although I would imagine that in a war zone, little has changed). Technology has made it possible to not only message a loved one far away but to see them through video communication.

The effort to keep in contact with a loved one is so much easier these days, but we do not seem to want to make that small bit of effort. Do not get me wrong I am not saying that I cared enough for the person to wait six months, it is too early to know that, but I would have liked to have been able to try.

Here is the where the bear ends.

The bear is a symbol of introspection, healing, solitude, change, communication with Spirit, death and rebirth, transformation, astral travel, creature of dreams, shamans and mystics, visionaries, defence and revenge, wisdom, thoughtfulness, need for retreat, rest, natural strength, primal power, sovereignty, intuitions married with instinct, awakening the power of the unconscious, mother, cunning, healer, dreaming, direction, connection to creator, nature’s pharmacist. As a totem animal it is a symbol of patience and connection, hibernating an idea until a better time presents itself. It also shows you how to connect to both the Earth and Celestial energies as well. Tapping into these energies will help you tap into the flow of life. Confidence and authority, The physicality of a bear shows us that we to can go beyond our status. No one questions the bear and nurturing and protection as we are shown in the way the mother bear protects her young. However the ability to nurture and protect does not only apply to offspring but to ideas as well.

Dark Side

Dark soul vampire sleeping.
Moonlit Dark Goth creeping.
Dark Queen’s reflection weeping.
Cute dark demon fairy witch.
Scary world of the bitch.
Soul wolf journey switch.
Dark beautiful Gothic love.
My Blood lust for dark dove.
Darkness inside and above.
Lost broken sad saint.
This is my dark taint.
Witch, spell and war paint.
Vampire night sadness pain.
Pirates in my dark brain.
Beautiful angel of grain.
Pain, darkness and sadness.
Dark scarecrow of madness.
Dark soul of true gladness.
The dark-fire of my soul.
Dark vampire soul, my role.
The dark soul of a troll.
Beautiful angel of cloud.
The gates of hell is proud.
Dark angel of thunder loud.
Really wicked the face.
The reflection of the place.
Darkness in the heart space.
My heart will go on and on.
Sometimes life is a pawn.
Angel boys and black dawn.
Gothic queen and Dark wizard.
Charming dark is a lizard.
Dark environment of blizzard.

Black Imbolc

One of the themes associated with Imbolc is purification especially with fire. This is more the purification of an item over an open fire and not the leaping over bonfires more associated with Beltane. This is also an important time of the year for initiations and re- establishing the connection with your chosen path. Imbolc is also associated with the light. Imbolc takes place at the peak of winter, the midpoint between the winter solstice and spring equinox. The days are now growing longer, the light is returning, and the promise of new life are all celebrated at Imbolc. The returning of the light become symbolised in the lighting of candles which become part of the Christian celebration of Candlemas.    

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