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There’s no fool like an April fool

The reason for April 1st being April Fools day is unknown. However it is believed that happen in France in 1582 around the time of the change in the Calender. The New Years day moved from the March 25th – April 1st (New Year week) to January 1st. Communication was not as it is today and it took several years for some places to hear of the changes. Some people would not acknowledge the changes and continued to celebrate the New Year on the last day of the old celebration, April 1st. These people were seen as fools by the majority, and was sent on “fools errands”, such as being sent to non-existent parties and had jokes played on them.


Lullaby of Sabbaths

The witches Sabbaths were considered the night-time revelling of bad times. This was such a belief that in Germany on Friday’s the church bells were ringing to assist people who had been bewitched. Friday is an important day of Goddess worship as in Norse it was the day named after Freya, in ancient Greece Aphrodite Salacia is the day of salacious appetites, in the disguise of the fish Goddess and that is why fish is eaten on a Friday and is seen the day of orgies as fish is also the symbol of fertility. 

Any story will do

I’ve been shocked to discover that 50% of children are not read bed-time stories. This is such a shame. Some of the reasons give is that fathers are not confidence in their reading skills or the ability to give the stories a “voice”. I do not remember if I was read to at night but I was told stories and encouraged to read. I think it does not matter if you are a natural storyteller it is a shared moment between a parent and child and is that not the most important thing.

Don’t is so yesterday

Don’t was the only word I knew
Don’t want to eat
Don’t want to drink
I could not get back on my feet
I’d reach the limit of no
Don’t want to sleep
Don’t want to dream
I was in a crumpled heap
I’d lost the sight of the stars
Don’t want to be in
Don’t want to be out
Suicide is the ultimate sin
I was drowning in sadness
Don’t want to be alone
Don’t want company
Nowhere was my home
I was slipping down fast
Don’t want to cry
Don’t want to smile
I just don’t want to try
I was caged in my corner
Don’t want to be sad
Don’t want to be happy
I was just feeling bad
I was low on time
Don’t want to live
Don’t want to die
I had nothing left to give
You would not give up on me
You gave me all in just one night
I don’t think you realise how
You propelled me into the light
Now I want all the good things in life
What more can I say
Thank you for just one night
Don’t is so yesterday

Veil, glorious veil

I came across a very interesting article on the growing trend of pagan women wearing veils. This has been a surprising article to me and I want to share it with you to make your own judgements.


Don’t cry for scrying

I had my first taste of scrying last night at a workshop and it was an interesting evening. This was scrying done with a home made black mirror. The hardest part is letting your mind wander and when you do “see” something it is difficult not to “focus” on it. For me the hardest thing was relaxing enough to let the experience happen and when it did all I saw was a blackness and something glowing just out of the corner of my eye. It is something I’m interesting in carrying on and will be going to another workshop in a weeks time and I will be practising in the meantime as well. I will keep you updated on my workings.


Today is exactly two years that I become single and this is the longest I have been single since I was 15 which is half a lifetime ago. Lately Artemis the chaste moon Goddess has been “following” me around. While I know drawing on her strength and female independence is what I need at this time, I do feel a little awkward “worshipping” her. Not only becomes I’m so far from being chaste I’m on a completely different page, but the fact that she is not part of my pantheon seems “wrong”. The first equivalent I though of was Arianrhod, who women draw on for female power, and also sex and fertility magick. However, her harsh treatment of her son Llew, makes me a little uncomfortable and as I already “worship” Bloduewedd who also hurt Llew maybe “worshipping” Arianrhod as well may cause Llew to “hate” me. I’m sure that when I found the strength I will know.

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