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Music out of heaven or hell

Music is an amazing force that moves everybody in a way that nothing else can. Music, in an instant can make us happy or sad, makes us fall in and out of love, and makes us think of celebrations, parties and even funerals. We all have songs we love to hear and songs we hate. However, what about music within religion? This is the one constant throughout all faiths.  Read this blog on pagan faith and music.  http://networkedblogs.com/os5cZ


With one goth

Today is “hug a goth day”, so let spread happiness to one of the most misunderstood subculture of society. I myself have been told that I’m a goth, not appearance wise, I do not do the smoky, heavy eyeliner eyes etc as I can not be bothered and as I’m wearing pink the most ungothic colour ever. Inside me, a dark heart beats.  In the 1970s a subsection of punk bands were being labelled as goth but it was not til the 80’s that their music become their own genre. It comes from an article in a magazine Sounds and the article was called The Face of Punk Gothique.  It is the lyric from such bands as Siouxse and the Banshees, The Damned, and Sisters of Mercy etc seem to understand my life. So, hug those with a dark heart.

Song of life?

Recently I was asked if you were to choose a song to describe your life what would it be and without much thought I said Total Eclipse of the Heart by Bonnie Tyler as it is a song that has haunted me on and off since going to college. However, it is one of those questions that the more you think about it, you realise that it a question that can not be answered by one answer. I’ve alway said that I’ve wanted Meatloaf’s Bat out of Hell played at my funeral and walk down the aisle (if I ever find anyone dumb enough to marry me) to Guns & Roses’  November Rain. Oasis’ Wonderwall would have to play a part as (what’s the story) Morning Glory was the first album I bought and Pulp’s Common People as that was the first song I sung in Karoke (although looking over their back catalouge that is now one of my least favourite Pulp songs). Memories of College when I last felt really happy, always come flooding back with song like Backstreets’ Everybody (Backstreets Back) which I performed a dance routine to and Moby’s Guitar, Flute and Strings (I think thats what its called although I recognise the tune straight away) which was used in a performance of Romeo and Juilet.  And later on I’ll think of something else. So the answer to the question What song describes your life? I’d have to say enough to feel an album!

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