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An Elephant for life.

Elephants are a symbol of memory, strength, Ancient Wisdom, power. To the Hindu the elephant is the representation of Ganesha, the God of luck, good fortunes and protection. Ganesha is full elephant glory is helping you bulldoze the obstacle in the way. In Christianity the elephant is a symbol of temperance, patience, and chastity. The Chinese see the elephant as a symbol of good luck, happiness and longevity.



Don’t cry for the elk

Elks are a symbol of strength, agility, freedom, power, nobility. Elks are also there to tell you to slow down. The Elk symbolism going for the long haul at a steady pace, showing stamina and not burning up all your energy in one go. This does not mean you have to stop doing certain things if you are overhauled but take everything in slow pace you will achieve your goals.


Rock and Roll eagles come through.

Eagles are a symbol of swiftness, strength, courage, wisdom, keen sight, illumination of spirit, healing, creation, knowledge of magick, ability to see hidden spiritual truths, connection to spirit guides and teachers, power, intelligence, renewal, clear vision, the solar bird, spiritual power, carries souls back to the Dreamtime, soul world memory, retrieves lost soul parts.

Dragonfly two times

Dragonflies are a symbol of dreams, illusions, understanding dreams, truth, power of light, luminescence of colours, flighty, carefree. The dragonfly represents change, especially within self. The changes that comes from being mature, being mentally and emotional strong and having some concept of the deeper meanings of life. The fact that a dragonfly skirts along the water surface reminds us to go beyond the surface and to look deeper.


Before Beltane passes me by.

On May Eve May birching or boughing, is when young men would attach garlands on the windows and door of someone that they are attracted to. Mountain Ash and Hawthorn meant love, but you could also show that you were not attracted to someone by using Thorn. Young men and women at daybreak on Beltane would go into the woods to collect flowers for garlands. They would be some suggestion that the young men and women would be up to more than collecting flowers in the woods 😉 There would make their way to the centre of the community where a May pole would have been erected. In Ancient Ireland there would have a sacred tree called Bile which was the centre of the Clan. This tree would be the link between the three worlds, the Skyworld (heavens), the Middleworld (our world) and the Otherworld. Some argue that the Bile tree has survived in the form of the May pole. The May pole is an important part of Beltane. It is a tall pole that is decorated with ribbons, flowers and wreaths. Young men and women will hold the end of the ribbons and dance around the pole interweaving so the ribbons would plait together. Ideally it should be done with an equal number of boys and girls. The boys would be facing clockwise and the girls counter-clockwise and they will dance the way that they are facing.  Those passing on the inside will have to duck, those passing on the outside raise their ribbons to slide over.

If I had a Beltane Man

Beltane is often a time for handfastings as it is the time of the Great Wedding of the God and Goddess. This is where couple betroth themselves to each other for a year and a day, and after this point the couple will decide to be together forever, or to go their separate ways. Although the year and a day is not practised so much in modern times. While handfastings are individualised to each couple, there are often certain things that are a part of this ceremony. There is an exchange of vows and rings ( or some token to represent their love for each other). Couples also have their hands tied together in a figure eight and knotted, and maybe the source of tying the knot, and later the couple are unbound. The tying represents the two people coming together and the unbinding means that they stay together with their own free will. Jumping the broom is also a part of handfastings, the broom representing the “threshold” and going from one life to another. It appears that jumping the broom was a legal “wedding” in Wales. A Birch broom is placed over the doorway of a house, where the man jumps the broom, followed by the bride in front of witnesses. However, if the broom was touched or knocked in any way then the “marriage” is not seen as “legal”, the female will keep her home and would not be the property of the male. Mead and cakes are often shared at the ceremony. Mead is seen as the Brew of the Divine and honey is known to make words sweet and seems apt at a love ceremony.

You are addicted alone.

A couple of days ago I woke up to discover that the internet connection was down and my initial reaction was bursting into tears. Later when I calmed down I thought about whether or not I was addicted to social media. I was told once that to decide whether or not you are addicted to something would depend of quickly after waking up you do the thing that you are addicted to. Once I get out of bed, dressed, pee and cleaned my teeth I put on the internet and find my friends. But I do not have a smart phone and carry the internet around with me and ignore the people I am with. So am I addicted? Maybe a little bit.

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