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The language is mine

For my presentation for Gender in Modern Society I have been researching the power of the word c**t and why it is still offensive compared to the word dick for example. Some of it comes from the belief that “nice girls do not swear”, and this means that as it a female part it is not spoken that often. I do not think this is true, in my experience men are just as likely to say the word c**t than dick. So do you think it is an offensive word and if so, just interested.


Music out of heaven or hell

Music is an amazing force that moves everybody in a way that nothing else can. Music, in an instant can make us happy or sad, makes us fall in and out of love, and makes us think of celebrations, parties and even funerals. We all have songs we love to hear and songs we hate. However, what about music within religion? This is the one constant throughout all faiths.  Read this blog on pagan faith and music.  http://networkedblogs.com/os5cZ

The Phantom of Solitude.

I have recently finished my first Nobel Prize for Literature book and I was amazed. This is One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. This a book interwoven with a rich tapestry of outlandish colours, outstanding imagery and interesting family dynamics. It follows several generations of the same family through the apparently never-ending cycle of life and death with sex and incest as part of the story of life. However, for me personally, I got a little confused with the family dynamics as family members were named after each other and I sometimes forgot who was who but it was not enough to put me off this or other novels.

Samhain magical apples

Samhain is an important time for divination. Apples and nuts are used as they have just been harvested and candles are also used for atmosphere. In Scotland it is believed that a child born on Samhain will be gifted with “second sight”. In the Celtic underworld grows an apple tree which has magical properties. Heroes have been known to search for this magical place, in Ireland it is known as Emhain Abhlach and in Britain, Avalon. Apple bobbing or apple-dookin as it is known in Scotland is supposed to be symbolic of these quests for magical apples.

In Samhain

This is the start of the Celtic and Wiccan new year. Samhain translates from Irish-Gaelic into “summer’s end” and is pronounced sow-in, although I sometimes say it as it is spelt. This is the time of the death of Lugh, the summer sun-god. This is where we give thanks to Nature’s cycle of death and renewal, where all beginning have an ending, and all ending have a beginning. This is also the end of harvesting and anything picked after this time is seen as beginning tainted by a pwca, which is a mischievous fairy or spirit. The first month in Celtic tradition is called Samonios, which translate as “seed fall”. Two Roman festivals have been incorporated into Samhain, ‘Feralia’ which is the Roman festival for the dead and  ‘Pomona’, which is the festival worshipped the Roman goddess of fruit and trees. This is where “apple bobbing” may have had its origins, as a coming together from the Roman festival for Pomona and the Druidic connections to water. Samhain is seen as the beginning of winter as the days shorten and the nights lengthen.

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