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If I can’t grow.

Aloe is used against wounds, ulcers, burns and insects bites. Having a potted plant of this in your home will protect it against evil intentions and household accidents.

Almonds are used in money spells. Almond branches can be used as a magic wands, as it is the element of Air and the magic comes from this element.


Flower Power

Acacia: secret love
Agrimony: gratitude
Apple blossom: good fortunes
Arbor vitae: undying friendship
Bluebell: constancy of the heart, humility
Buttercup: childhood friendship
Carnation: pure love, devotion and dedication
Chrysanthemum: truth and honesty
Crocus: be cautious with my heart
Daisy: innocence, purity
Dandelion: flirtation
Forget-me-not: true love
Gardenia: happiness, joy
Geranium: I love you over all others
Honeysuckle: faithfulness and devotion
Iris: respect, honor
Ivy: marriage, fidelity
Lavender: distrust, a fickle heart
Lemon blossom: fidelity and faithfulness
Lilac: innocence, pure love
Lily of the valley: happiness
Magnolia: perseverance
Morning glory: flirtation, admiration
Narcissus: self-absorption
Orchid: rare and exotic beauty
Peony: shyness, bashful
Periwinkle: fond memories of past meetings
Phlox: a joining of two hearts
Rose: love (pink for innocent love)
Rosemary: remember me
Snapdragon: you presume too much about my feelings
Sunflower: all is not as it seems
Sweet William: a gallant and honorable admirer
Tulip: a declaration of love
Violet: faithfulness, dedication
Wisteria: welcoming a new person into your life
Zinnia: missing absent friends

Never in Easwick

I love the film Witches of Eastwick, the witticism and the underlying theme of sexual repression and misplacing of power and I have often said “I must read the book.” Well I have and it is a revelation. A main character is completely wiped from the film, a young innocent “witch” who’s crime was to marry Darryl and therefore spoil the “parties”. The old witches turn on her and riddle her with cancer which causes her dismiss. The shocker of the book is that Darryl runs off with this wife’s brother, actually being gay and had used to the older women’s venom to kill off his wife so he could run off with his true love. The theme is the same, just askew. Darryl is just a man in the book, he is not called into creation like the film, and therefore the book is more believable. The women will seemed real in the context of the written words, they were promiscuous, aware of their power as woman and as a witch but were marred as their tempers followed a “normal” female cycles and could be petty and in the case of Jane, quite full of hate.  They would have been unliked if they’d be transported exactly to the screen. However, reading the book has not altered my overall view of the film, it is still a wonderful film, the film is just not true to the book. I recommend that if you’ve seen the film, to read the book and vice a versa.

Back to the White Goddess

Many years ago I attempted to read Robert Graves’ White Goddess as I was under the impression that this was one of the “must read” books if you were a pagan and the book influenced by Welsh mythology I thought this was going to be a book I was going to really enjoy. However, I really struggled with the book and briefly wondered if I was on the “right path”. I’ve recently read Mark Carter’s Stalking the Goddess, which is an examination of the White Goddess, and now I have greater understand why I did not gel with the White Goddess. Stalking is well written and appeals to the academic in me as it is written as dissertation style, however this does not mean you need a degree to read it. This book explains that when you try and put something like a muse into words it is impossible and that is why Graves falls short. Using people that have rallied around Graves such as Gardner and Alder and those who do not such as Bonewits and Thorsson to create a complete picture of the White Goddess, a book full of Graves ideas and biases. Carter’s book get to the heart of White Goddess and whether or not it should be considered the great Wiccan book it is.


Blessings to the queen of the stars and moon, to your fruitful womb. Blessings to the Father of all things, that your seed brings forth new life. God of fertility, bring your children from the forests. Blazing Sun God and consort of the fruitful Goddess. Oh Lord of the Sun, burn away these hurtful things from my life, leaving my purified and content in your warmth. Great God I honour your strength as this is the point of your greatest power. Great Goddess and God all powers flow through you. Like the Phoenix raises from the ashes, let me be pure and new. Goddess may you bless and renew me. God may you bless and nourish me. As the energies of this time surround me, I celebrate the warmth of the summer. Lord Sun may you burn my troubles and cares away and cleanse me. My troubles will disappear thanks to the God and Goddess. My troubles will disappear thanks to the stars, moon and the sun. My troubles will disappear thanks to the elements. May the God and Goddess fill me with their energies on this magical day. I take the powers of this magical day to manifest my desires in the coming harvest, these are a completion of my degree, and a new career, a love that is worth of my heart, a place that I can truly call home and the continuing creativity that has been re-discovered. I am able and willing to allow these desire to manifest and I will play my put in this creation and miracle of life. So mote it be.

Around Litha

The altar at this time is usually covered in flowers, especially roses. Also placed on the altar are things that are completed and need to be let go of. Some will place the first fruits of the season, as well as pictures of the sun, sunflowers and anything else that symbolise the Sabbath. You may also place something that you want to give away, place it on the altar and it will absorb your blessing and then be given away by Lammas.

Litha crush

Food associated at this time is anything that is ripe. This is the peak time for a lot of summer fruit and vegetable. It is also apt to have spicy food to honour the heat of the sun. Food that are gold, red, yellow and orange to represent the sun, or greens to represent the abundance of leafy greens. The green can also be a nod to the Green Man, Jack-in-the-Green, Green Lady and gardening Goddesses. These represent the green shoots and leaves and the abundance at this time. This is why if possible Litha should be celebrated outdoors and the celebrates should be clothed in shades of green. Maybe even have green leaves as a crown. There is also the seasonal myth of this time. This is the great battle between the Oak and Holly King. The Oak King rules from Yule to Midsummer and the Holly King rules from Midsummer to Yule. At Litha they will fight and the Holly King will “kill” the Oak King. This is then re-enacted by two males (although it is two women in my coven) as a piece of theatre within the ritual celebrations. The Oak King tends to be a younger fair haired male dressed in green, and the Holly King tends to be older with dark hair dressed in red. Again this has not be faithful reproduced within my own coven as the older person is the Oak King and vice a versa but has never affected the overall effect. Another piece of “theatre” is the building of a big bonfire as this is a fire festival. This is when offerings are placed or people jump the bonfire.


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