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Magic Dragons

Dragons are seen as a symbol of ancient powers, intelligence, ferocity, elemental magick, extra power, protection, instruction in the spiritual. There is a form of dragon in all cultures. The dragon seems to encompass all of the elements, they fly (air), they breathe fire (fire), swim (water), live in caves (earth) and are highly magickal (spirit). Some cultures consider gold to be “earthblood” and that is why the dragon is the guardian of the gold to stop it being stolen from greedy men. Dragons are associated with breathing fire or spitting poisons. A dragons horn was seen as not only a powerful aphrodisiac but as anti venom of all poisons, taking the concept of sympathetic magick.


As Adder goes by

Adders are associated with transformation, healing, life energy, rebirth, resurrection, initiation, wisdom, cunning and reincarnation. The Celts and Native Americans saw the adder as being able to change shape and form and saw it as a symbol to change to a higher power. The Celts saw adders shedding skin, the loss of the old to be replaced by the new, therefore the skin has magical properties. It is believed that it draw thorns out the body, hung on the chimney like some macabre stocking will bring luck and hung in the rafters will prevent fires. Superstitions state that to see an adder by the front door is a death omen. Native American adder totem symbolises creation, immortality and psychic energy. It is a fire energy which in terms of emotions is charisma, intellect, and power and in terms of spiritually is wisdom and wholeness.

Mother of the night

Today is Modraniht or the Night of the Mother, an festival held by the Anglo-Saxon pagans. Bede talks about this in his 8th century work De Temporum Ratione,  “began the year on the 8th kalends of January [25 December], when we celebrate the birth of the Lord. That very night, which we hold so sacred, they used to call by the heathen word Modranecht, that is, “mother’s night”, because (we suspect) of the ceremonies they enacted all that night.” There seems to be connections with other Germanic festivals of this time including Yule and those involving Disir, the collective female being. There are links with Modra (Mothers) with Germanic Matres and Matrones. This is just another example of the celebration of the divine female in Germanic winter festivals.

Yule songs

One of the things associated with this time of year is music and singing. Us Pagans like to have a good sing along but there is more to it than replacing the word Jesus or God, into the Deity of your preference. Those songs have their themes laid throughout and they do not fit with the Pagan pathos. I have been to rituals where the music is traditional carols but the words are completely different. This feels more appropriate and they are also some great Pagan songs out there. Personal favourite include Emerald Rose “Santa Claus is Pagan too” or Lisa Thiel “The Winter Solstice Song”.  Blessed Yule everyone.

Yule the one that I want.

Yule is a time of symbolism and power. It marks the return of the sun as the days will be getting longer. It is a time of hearth and home, friends and family and sharing in the spirit of giving. There is a chill in the air but the snow may not have fallen yet (or not in decent enough quantities). The altar can be covered in cool colours, light blues, whites and silvers. Some like to include reds and greens as this is the colour of the holly, an important Yule symbol. As it is the return of the sun, some solar symbolism on the altar is also acceptable, in the form of gold discs, gold candles etc. More natural symbols that can be placed upon the altar are evergreen boughs, sprigs of holly, pine cones and a Yule log.

Middle dating

As I mentioned a long while back that I had joined an on-line dating site and had found the experience fine, meet some nice friends, had some very weird people as well but no spark until a two weeks ago, I came across a man who set my heart a flutter, but as we spoke it become clear that we have a lot in common, so much so that I have decided to meet him in two days time. This will be the first proper date I have been on since I was 20, and then he only took me out for a meal because he was cheating on me. So all of you that read this send me all your positive vibes on Thursday. Thank you.

The change is weak?

At certain points of the year are marked so we can look back and talk about exactly a year ago. For me this is an important part of celebrating the changes in the seasons, as you become more aware of the changes in your life as well as the seasons. Recently I was aware that the changes I had promised myself at Saturnalia had not happened, until it was pointed out that maybe you do not see the changes as you are moving at the same pace as the background.

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