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Slip into spring

The Easter bunny is German in origin. It was in the 16th century the bunny was mentioned in literature as a deliverer of eggs. Eggs are a symbol of rebirth and fertility. Sun was seen as a miracle when it returned after winter and the egg is seen as the symbol of that. Christanity would later taken this as the symbol of Jesus’ resurrection. Young comments that the Easter bunny is: a continuation of the reverence shown during the spring rites to the rabbit as a symbol of abundance. The honouring of such emblems of fertility extended to eggs. The egg serves as a representation of new life. It stands for the renewing power of nature and, by extension, agriculture. The egg can also symbolize regeneration in a spiritual or psychological sense. The ritual of colouring Easter eggs stems from the tradition of painting eggs in bright colours to represent the sunlight of spring. Young also talks about finding your inner bunny 😉 (Good luck with that)

Young, Jonathan, ‘Symbolism of Spring’, Vision Magazine, April 2003.


At the springtime

Ostara is one of many names for the spring equinox celebrated around the 21st March. The origin of the word may have come from the Germanic Goddess for spring, Eostre. However, this is busy religious time as it is also the time of Easter and Passover. Germanic countries celebrated this time by planting new crops, although it does not seem to be part of the Celtic tradition. Achaemenians, Persians Kings celebrate at the time No Ruz which means “new day”. This is celebration of hope and is still celebrated today and has its roots in Zoroastrianism. In Iran, they celebrate Chahar-Shanbeh Suri just before No Ruz and it is time of purifying of the home, just before the 13 day celebration of No Ruz. The spring equinox is the time of fertility as natures fertility goes mad. The hare then is a symbol of this, due to the ability of the females to get pregnant easily and male hare bouncing about due to sexual frustration. This is also the time for Mitras who is born at the winter solstice and is resurrected at the spring equinox, and leads his followers to the light after death. Mitras was ordered to sacrifice a white bull which he did not want to do but when the knife entered the creature it turned into the moon and Mitras cloak turned into the night sky.


Diana is the Roman Goddess of the moon and hunting, the counterpart of Artemis. She is the twin sister of Apollo, a Goddess of the woodlands, and all grove are seen as sacred to her but especially oak groves. She is often depicted as a young hunter with a bow and arrow. She was seen as a general Goddess of nature and fertility. She was worshipped by woman and helps during child-birth. As she is a moon Goddess she is often associated with Selene and Hecate. She is a virgin and chaste Goddess, making her the maiden in the trinity along with Egeria, a water nymph and Virbius, a woodland God. While she was worshipped in ancient times, she is still an important figure today. In Freemasonry, she is a symbol of passionate creativity of poets and artists. She is also the heart of an all-female Wiccan tradition known as Diantic Wiccans.

The blood remains

I have recently read a book that I think all women should read. It is called The Red Tent by Anita Diamant and while it proclaims itself to be “the greatest love story never told”, it is the way the women celebrate their moon cycles that is moving. Although they are kept separate from the men in the red tent, it is a time of sharing ancestral stories and celebrating the blood that they shed. It is a shame in today’s society that it is seen as a curse from God via Eve instead of a blessing from Mother Earth.

Fuel on the fire

This is a post that could go on forever but I will try not to. It is the story of Zachary who at 5 have been diagnosed with Gender Identity Disorder. As I live with a transgender individual and it is something I’m interested in understanding more. However, at 5 do you really have a concept of gender? When I discuss this with my flat mate, she indicates that she has no memory of being 5, never mind feeling that she was trapped in the wrong body. For her once puberty happened and her body did not develop the way she hoped for then she thought that she might have been born in the wrong body. It is nice to see that both Zach parents and the school are positive but I’m a little concerned that the health professionals have diagnosed this child so young. Is this just a phrase? On This Morning they had a debate between a woman who had a “tomboy” phrase and a mother who son is now her daughter at 8, and it was interesting the difference experiences and the mother explained that she knew it was not a phrase due to the suicidal tendencies and I think in that case it seemed very obvious that this was a case of GID. However, at the end of the day, I do not know these people’s lives but maybe splashing it all over the front pages of the newspaper is not the way to “talk” about this.

Hell to pay

If I told I was lonely
What would you do?
Would you change my situation?
Or would you leave me blue?

If I told you I was sad
Would you cheer me up?
Or would you pass me by?
Leaving me like a wide-eyed pup.

If I told you I was nothing
Would you tell me it’s a lie?
Would you try to heal me?
Or would you leave me die?

If I told you I was ugly
Would you tell me I’m pretty?
Would you take me out
Even out of pity.

If I told you I was fat
Would you agree?
Or tell me I’m skinny
Just to humour me.

If I told you I loved you
Would you walk away?
Or take me in your arms
And let there be hell to pay.

A family of trees

Today I went for a walk
And found a family of trees.
A close-knit community,
Generations of energies.

First clan member I met
Was the wise grandmother.
A spirit that had seen it all,
And knew all and shares it.
Knowledgeable, content,
Unruffled and grounded,
Whose energies washes over
Like a gentle bubbling stream.

Next come the teenager
Newest member to the clan
Who wants to see the world
But goes about it all wrong.
Boundless energies, growing,
Overconfident and forestwise.
His energies drill into me
Like music from a rock concert.

The next two members live
Side by side, separated by
A dusty, well walked lane.
But living worlds apart within
The same space in time.
Sisters, different temperaments,
One who never left home
Other travelled without roots .

Younger Sister, the revolutionary
The one who never laid roots
Whose life revolved around
Drinking, shopping and pampering.
Lustrous, sophisticated, refined
Beverly Hills snob, aristocratic.
Remorseful and nostalgic energies
Yearning for her sisters’ perfect life.

Older Sister, earth mother
To countless weak offspring’s
Busy creating the next generation
Of natural pleasures for us.
Battered, broken, tired, drained
Feeling older than her years
Ironically that the energies
Is also a yearning for another’s life

As I leave the green grove
I feel like a dark stranger
Who staggered onto someone’s
Family celebration at a pub.
And as I become a regular
Hopefully at the next celebration
I’ll be embraced in warm energies
Into the family of trees.

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