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Let Earth in

Earth is seen as dry and cold. The Ancient Greek philosophers and scientists associated earth with practicality, restraint but also the physical side of life. Greek and Roman myths have various Goddesses that represents earth such as Ceres, Demeter and Persephone. The Pentacle is seen as the symbol of earth, Uriel as the archangel and gnomes as the elemental. The direction of earth is North, it is associated with winter, midnight, and old age. It is represented in the shades of greens and browns but sometimes black and white is used. During rituals, earth is represented by burying objects in the ground, or carving images out of wood. It is seen in the forests, plants, caves and gardens.




Yule men

Yule is a festival of rebirth and the return of the sun, as after the longest night (21st of December) there is a return of light, promise, and hope. The Goddess gives birth to the Sun God. The days start to grow longer and all that has been hidden starts to emerge again. It is also the time of the eternal battle of the Oak and Holly King. The Holly King rules from the Midsummer to Yule, from here he must surrender his life to the Oak King who will rule until the Midsummer.

It has been yellow

Yellow is the symbol of the element of air, divination, mental work such as meditation, will, intellect, and communication, as well as the energy of the sun, healing, friendship, strengthen productivity, improve inventiveness, prosperity, self-esteem, beauty, life, light, humility, persuasion, confidence, jealousy, joy and comfort,  It is associated with Wednesday, Mercury, Taurus and the Solar Plexus chakra (lower back, gall bladder, pancreas, liver, spleen, and digestive system). Golden yellow is the colour of charm, trust, Summer, bright sounds like children’s laughter and upbeat music. Pastel yellow are the colour of Spring, psychic endeavours and creativity. Yellow is used to improve balance, self-esteem, charisma, divination and creativity. It is also used for strength of will, vitality, purpose and effectiveness. Those with a yellow aura are naturally intellectual and tends to be the aura colour of writers, people with yellow aura are full of love, creativity and kindness. Yellow is connected to the Sun and is linked with Orunmila, Oshoshi, Ra, Shakti and Sun Deities.

Broken Green

Green is the element of Earth, vegetation, gardening and herbalism or wortcunning. It has always tied in with fairy folk, the Green Man and Gods and Goddesses of the forest. It is associated with fertility, prosperity, hope, joy, delight, growth, healing, new beginnings, financial gain, spring, immortality and change. Forest green is linked with fertility, the body, courage, classical music and woodland sounds. Ivy green is more the emotional side of life, such as coping with grief, pondering and hushed music or silence. Pale Greens aid the healing process. It is connected to Venus, Mercury, Aquarius and Cancer. Green is linked to Wednesday and Friday, Beltane, Yule and Ostara. Its Charka is the heart, (upper chest, breasts, lungs, heart and air circulation). People who have a green aura, have a trusting and loving character, and is often the colour aura of artists. These are individuals with balance and harmony in their life.



White rewind

White is the balance of all colours and is therefore used as part of spiritual enlightenment, cleansing, clairvoyance, healing, and seeking the truth. White is often part of rituals involving lunar energy and can be used as a replacement for any colour in the spectrum. It is the primary colour for Pisces and Aries. White is the colour of Ceremonial Magick, because it is part of nearly all types of rituals. Crystal white is associated with sincerity, divinity, transformation and one note sounds like a gong or bell. White is the colour of the Goddess and used in all types of blessings. It has special links with Aphrodite, Cerridwen, Moon Goddesses, Triple Goddesses and Yemaya. It is associated with the East, the element of Air and the 7th chakra, which is the brain and the pineal gland. White can be used to help shy people become more outgoing. A white aura is very rare, and with its associations with illusion and inspiration, the people who have a white aura tend be “dreamy”.



Roll with misrule

I have recently finished the “Age of Misrule” trilogy by Mark Chadbourn, and I thoroughly enjoyed the books. The storyline for the trilogy is the returning of ancient Gods, mainly Celtic and the battles between good and bad. Despite growing up on myths and legends, I am not a fan of “fantasy novels”, finding them lack “something” that the myths and legends have but this trilogy is different, the characters and plot are as rounded as the myths and legends that he has incorporated into this work. My only criticism is the ending did feel a little rushed but if you are a fan of Celtic myths, then I would recommend you read these books.

Go let Samhain out

The Goddess at Samhain is the crone. This can be the Cailleach, Hecate, Lilith, Morrigan, Baba Yaga, Carlin, Crobh Dearg, Frida, Pamona, Psyche, and Hel. She is the serpent Goddess and Queen of the Underworld. She is the wise one, that teaches us wisdom and encourages us to let go. Growing older can mean losing something, it can also means gaining something as well. The crone is there to say us that it is good to let go. By letting go of something, we are making room for something new to take its place. So we must let the previous year die for the new year to be created. The time between Samhain and Yule, is the waiting time, we do not yet know what the new year is going to bring, but we plan, hope and dream anyway. Some people use this waiting period knitting blankets to give to the elderly at Yule.

The God at this time is the Horned God, like the stag whose horns are fully developed. In times gone by, when people relied on hunting for food, the Horned God was important to honour as he was Lord of the hunt, and represented the animal that is sacrificed so we can eat. While most of us either buy meat for the store, or are vegetarians, the Horned God still represents that life is a gift given to us by others. As all food is a gift of life and all of it is sacred. So we should always treat food with respect. One of the ways to do this is to take a few moment before eating to think about how the food came onto your plate, to give thanks to the plants and animals and those that were involved in bring the food to our plate.

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