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Just to know about the pentacle

The Pentacle is the usually a flat board or circle inscribed with a pentagram which is a five point star, although it can be inscribed with other things as well. This is used as a base for many types of magick especially consecrations as it is very good at blocking evil. It is associated with the North, Female energy and Earth. The pentacle itself can be made from all sorts of different materials including brass, wax or wood etc.. In any upwards direction it is used for protection, blessing and positive energy. In a downward direction then it used for banishing and binding. The five point of pentacle are often associated with the five senses, love, knowledge,wisdom, power and law, and Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Spirit.


Can’t hurt me now

Dear you,

You, all of you, remains nameless here but I know all your names, all of you that hurt me. You that dragged me round the playground by my ponytail, you that punched and kicked me. The physical wounds healed and that has made me stronger. Most of you used words as weapons against me. You made fun of my size, my glasses, my intelligence, the fact that I was different. But it was you, the care giver with your harsh words, insults and curses that left the permanent scars. You left me screaming internally and with a distorted view on love and affection. You never gave me praise but always so quick to criticise. I stand here today and say I no longer care. Your bitterness has eaten you up inside and it is you that is a shell, a shadow. I have achieved so much more than you. I have stepped out of the small town shadow and into the big lights, I have qualifications and have had more passion in all my failed love affairs then you did in one marriage. Yes, you made me who I am today, but some of it I did myself, so I am scarred but I am beautiful.

Yours in Numbness

The Survivor.

All that magick

Magick is essentially energy, energy can not be destroyed but it can be altered. Everything is made out of electron, neutrons and protons which are made of quarks or vibrating energy. Magick is vibrational energy sent out to attract or dispel energy depending on your desires. This is done by either sending a message of healing, banishment, etc. or to received energy such as love, inspiration etc.. Therefore a magick spell is used to direct that vibration energy towards our desires. There are many tools used in magick spells including crystals, asking the God/Goddess, oils, candles etc.. Remember thou the threefold rule, that whatever energy you send out to the world will return to you thrice.

Magic knowledge ride.

Some of the things that get forget when practising a religion is the basics and the most basic is to know, to dare, to will, and to be silent. To know is to have knowledge of what you have in mind. This means learning as much as you can and more about a subject. Remember knowledge is power and imagination is the way to employ that power. To dare is to have the courage not only to see it through to the end but to deal with all the consequences that arise from this action. ” Where lies your fear, there lies your greatest power.” The will gives the magick its flow, because without will nothing will happen. However, it is more than just the desired outcome that is part of the will. If you are not constant in your will, then the outcome will not be constant either. Tune your faith as your own self doubt will destroy anything quicker than anyone else can. Magick will happen if “they say so”. Some witches say “As I do will, so mote it be” to indicate that as they say it, it will happen, it will. Will is a very powerful tool indeed. To be silent is one of the hardest thing to do as we want to share what you do with others. Never share with someone that will cast doubt on your workings. Remember “power shared is power lost”. So be careful who you share your magical workings with. Not in the sense that it will led to a witchhunt, but people are people, and such emotions like jealousy and envy can be dangerous to a witch.

After Love

Last night I watched a programme called Surviving Hitler: A Love Story. I found the programme very interesting, and moving. The programme was about a Jewish woman and a solider and their part in the Valkyrie plot and how despite all that they were going through they still loved each other and become the first people to wed in postwar Germany. It was beautiful to think of love surviving in such a time of hate, like a rose growing amongst the weeds, but it also make me wonder if in today’s society have we made love as disposable as everything else. As Meat Loaf sang “Is nothing sacred any more? Is forever just another word? When love was worth fighting for. ” How can we measure happiness? Divorce rates? My parents stayed together and they admit that they do not love each other. Is that happiness? Has love become mundane? Has love become something we just do? Is love not tested any more? And therefore they is no need to fight for it. I wish I had some answers. I have nothing but questions.

Greatest Patience

Today has been spent waiting and I hate it. I do suffer from bouts of procrastination. Even then I’m is still something productive, like reading, poetry and even blog writing instead of doing more important stuff like cleaning! But who wants to do cleaning? Some of the waiting is essential, things happened. So an hour today is spent waiting because of a backlog. However, nearly two hour were spent waiting because of poor time management. Ten people were all called in at the same time, just to sign some paperwork and then we had to hang around and wait to be seen individually. Am I the only one that saw this as a total waste of time? What did not help was the fact that the computer were not working but that is one of those things. Another thing that seemed to make the whole thing drag was that fact that we were all in there and not saying a word to each other. These appointments ironically were to improve my job prospects. I would suggest that those three hour I spent today waiting actually searching for jobs. But hey what do I know? The next session may be more beneficial to me as this will include how to answer an application form and computer skills, although I did point that as part of my course to computer programmes called SPSS and NVIVO and the lady asked me what that was, my response was Excel with Steroids which she thought was a good description. I aim to please. I will return next week with a smile on my face.

Bryson’s holiday camp.

I have just finished Bill Bryson’s Notes from a Small Island and is a beautifully written piece, with humour and insight. I, in fact cried when he talked about visiting North Wales, so vivid was the description that it actually made me home sick! I would be interested to know if you can feel that moment of recognition in some of his other books, especially if it is places you have never been to. I think it is worth the risk. As the cover states, you will snort with laughter and I did do that, and it has been a long time since I found a book that was both funny and thought-provoking.

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