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Devil’s Labyrinth

Pounding factory, little by little
Silent sighs, what’s going on?
Summer’s gone, threes aren’t bad
I was born in the devil’s Labyrinth

Sugaring stars, shown heaven
Brown skeletons stop
Dance doom, something within sturdy
I was educated in the devil’s labyrinth

Dirtying midnight, where I belong
Fool’s badge, crying
Enter lover, I found someone
I was fucked in the devils labyrinth

Loving killer, out of love
Damnable me, holding me back
Send winter’s lavender
I was betrayed in the devil’s labyrinth

Looking cat returns to me
Memory sword, innuendo
Stay faith, slightly mad
I matured in the devils Labyrinth

Blinding friends, headlong
Forever airways, living without you
Want deal, to try hard
I lost everything in the devil’s labyrinth

Fearing freedom, belong to the night
Hurricane tears, somebody’s’ hero
Found heroes, simply love
I will die in the devils labyrinth.


With one goth

Today is “hug a goth day”, so let spread happiness to one of the most misunderstood subculture of society. I myself have been told that I’m a goth, not appearance wise, I do not do the smoky, heavy eyeliner eyes etc as I can not be bothered and as I’m wearing pink the most ungothic colour ever. Inside me, a dark heart beats.  In the 1970s a subsection of punk bands were being labelled as goth but it was not til the 80’s that their music become their own genre. It comes from an article in a magazine Sounds and the article was called The Face of Punk Gothique.  It is the lyric from such bands as Siouxse and the Banshees, The Damned, and Sisters of Mercy etc seem to understand my life. So, hug those with a dark heart.

Bitter attraction

A “Love Guru” on the TV said that we are not attracted to people because of their physical appearance but more to do with the fact that they have values and personality traits that we are looking for. This has come on the back of Adele saying that she does not care what her man looks like as long as he can make her laugh and can cook. However, this can not be strictly be true, if it was would we not all be bisexual. Some people are looking physically for a man or a woman, even if they do not have a “type”. Therefore physicality must come into it.


I have just finished reading a book called Invention of Tradition. While it had several interesting chapters, it was actually the chapter entitled From a death to a view: The hunt for the Welsh Past in the Romantic period. It was looking at symbols that are associated with Welsh but how they only become part of Welsh life in the 1750. For example, The dragon that is so connected to Welshiness due to it being on the Welsh flag was first used in 1805. It also looked at the life of Iolo Morganwg and his obsession with Druids and the Eistedfod. Overall it is only the first two chapters that I found interesting (the other one was looking at the symbolism of Scotland) otherwise I find the book a bit heavy going.

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