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Phoenix reborn

Another one of my many dreams,
A bird with wings magnificent and vast.
Being consumed on a fiery pyre,
Watching the phoenix come to past.
It noted my arrival and the tale to be told,
My loved ones reveal themselves to me.
Only you made me feel this loved,
Remember, look for the phoenix in all you see.
My pale, haggard lips part to form a smile,
The winds were cold, but the phoenix is safe.
Even as it turned to desensitised dust,
Do not fear the survival of this tiny waif.
A single feather lies on my back,
Reminding me that I can take all of that.
Chained to the wall with my depression,
Tears that were shed from careless chat.
Dying a thousand times only to be reborn,
Until the silver flamed fires fill the skies.
Consuming the dying trapping brambles,
Taking from you compassion, my prize.
You have given me a strong fight,
To live to hear your beckoning call.
To rise again from that same pyre,
Yet I have no energy, forced to crawl.
You forced the new being out of me, light into dark,
Just to be relived of the wicked thing I once did.
The dark skies are immediately illuminated,
The past does not matter now, my final bid.
For freedom, a life, a phoenix reborn.


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