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Let Earth in

Earth is seen as dry and cold. The Ancient Greek philosophers and scientists associated earth with practicality, restraint but also the physical side of life. Greek and Roman myths have various Goddesses that represents earth such as Ceres, Demeter and Persephone. The Pentacle is seen as the symbol of earth, Uriel as the archangel and gnomes as the elemental. The direction of earth is North, it is associated with winter, midnight, and old age. It is represented in the shades of greens and browns but sometimes black and white is used. During rituals, earth is represented by burying objects in the ground, or carving images out of wood. It is seen in the forests, plants, caves and gardens.




Come, wash away

Water with its connections with emotions, are used to help in emotional healing especially of the past, childhood and innocence. This means that it is excellent of clearing the room of negative emotions.

Do you use salt?

Salt is an amazing purifier. As salt is a crystal it absorbs, cleanses, clears and protects. Salt is very good at clearing and neutralising negative energies in a home or office. Salt can be used to cleanse an aura, and is best used when placed in a bath. Salt is a valuable resource and has been widely used for its amazing healing properties for thousands of years.

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