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Never in Easwick

I love the film Witches of Eastwick, the witticism and the underlying theme of sexual repression and misplacing of power and I have often said “I must read the book.” Well I have and it is a revelation. A main character is completely wiped from the film, a young innocent “witch” who’s crime was to marry Darryl and therefore spoil the “parties”. The old witches turn on her and riddle her with cancer which causes her dismiss. The shocker of the book is that Darryl runs off with this wife’s brother, actually being gay and had used to the older women’s venom to kill off his wife so he could run off with his true love. The theme is the same, just askew. Darryl is just a man in the book, he is not called into creation like the film, and therefore the book is more believable. The women will seemed real in the context of the written words, they were promiscuous, aware of their power as woman and as a witch but were marred as their tempers followed a “normal” female cycles and could be petty and in the case of Jane, quite full of hate.  They would have been unliked if they’d be transported exactly to the screen. However, reading the book has not altered my overall view of the film, it is still a wonderful film, the film is just not true to the book. I recommend that if you’ve seen the film, to read the book and vice a versa.


In the past.

I have seen the latest rom-com offering advertisement and it’s plot is a woman goes back through here exs to discover who was her best ex. I will guess that the film will end with her then dating that ex and living happily ever after. Now we all have that ex that we regret losing but most exs are exs for a reason and chasing after them is just insanity.

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