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The Imbolc that I built

There are many alternative names to Imbolc (Feb 1st). These include Imbolg, Candlemas, St Bride’s Day, Brighid’s Day or Saint Brighid’s Day, Festival of Light, etc. Some see this as the start of the return of the longest day, especially as the ewes start producing milk prior to lambing. However, nature does not work to such a strict time scale and lambs are born 147 days after mating. Some take the blooming of Blackthorn as an indicator of Imbolc, but again this can happen at different times through the UK. One thing that is obvious at this time and that is the days are getting noticeably longer.


Wherever the six of cups roam

The six of cups is one of the few cards that deals with the past, memories and the good times. This card is full of positivity and light. While dwelling in the past can only bring about negativity, you still have to see the past and learn from it. There is nothing wrong with enjoying the good times of the past when things are difficult in the present. It reminds us that while trials lie ahead we can overcome them, and enjoy those happier times again.  

Dead ringer for the five of cups.

The five of cups is one of those cards that people do not want in their reading as it is a card of sadness, grief, regret and disappointment. These will arise from taking someone for granted, or not valuing the things and people who make us feel special.

Baby four of cups

The four of cups is a sign of waiting for issues to be resolved. Pleasure in excess can lead to stagnation, and craving for things that are impossible. The four of cups is a person who is surrounded with love and devotion, who is totally happy with themselves, and has their life made.

Yule morning call

Some more of the Gods and Goddesses that are celebrated at this time of year include, Cailleach who in Scotland is the Queen of Winter. She is represented as a crone and rules between Samhain and Beltane. Dionysus, a Greek God has a festival called Brumalia every December for him and wine.





All the yule deities.

Several Gods and Goddess are reverred around the time of the Winter Solstice. This includes Alcyone who is Greek Kingfisher Goddess. She nests for two weeks over the Winter Solstice and during this period all the seas are calmed and Baldur due to his connection with mistletoe. Frigga missed out the mistletoe, accidently, when asking that none of the plants harm her son. Loki took advantage of this and tricked blind Hod into throw a spear made of mistletoe at his brother which killed Baldur.

Through Yule.

A Yule log is often lit on Christmas eve and is left burning for the twelve nights of Yule. A log would be selected in the forest, decorated with ribbons and then dragged back to the village. This was known as “bringing the yule log”. It is said to bring luck to all of those that dragged in log back.

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