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In the moonlight

On the way to Avalon I saw you there,
It was somewhere past twelve o’clock.
I stood there with my cold hard heart,
And skies slowly filled with furry bats.
I craved for something so much more,
I did not want to be alone to blasphemy.
You were my bad obsession, falling away,
Karma lead me to the Isle of apples.
Once upon a time, this benevolent fairy,
Did not want this vengeance of dark magic,
Or this pain in her soul, the song of all-times.
Yet here in my place of blissful harmony,
As I am about to take the moon boat home.
You stand there on the path I am about to walk,
I was your calling, more than a cute friend.
Together we created a creaked love story,
My beloved backstabber in a prison of dreams.
Fallen whispers crash down like Icarus,
Nevermore I will be the sole sorceress of Avalon.
The portal of my desolation and healing,
The place that was soft, dark and dreamless.
The place that ended all my memories,
I tried to share it with you in good company.
The pain of being apart is like crimson butterflies,
Fluttering about like a white bird with Autumnal spirit.
In the end close up, was it nothing but an illusion?
All fake smiles, and broken lullabies,
I really can not make you love me.
Morgan the shape changer, it is show-time,
As I become a moth attracted to your flame.
Your beautiful lies, and I have opened my eyes,
I will be your silken enchantress, the knight’s lady.
Imagine the day after tomorrow underwater,
On the Autumnal metamorphoses one last breath.
With hopeless reflections of infinity of maybe loneliness,
As the moth, I will look for myself on the Isle.
My own enchanted garden amongst the mist of Avalon,
One summer night, when I am no longer a bitch.
And if you can get there, amongst the apple blossoms,
Before the clocks tick my life away.
And the rest of me becomes an angel,
Tell me the truth about your feelings.


Wand out of hell

Wand comes from the Gothic windan, which mean wind or bind. The wand is used to bind the energies of a spell or a ritual together. Both the God and Goddess are invoked with the wand, as well as energy being directed and drawing of magical symbols. The energy will be sent the direction the wand is pointing. The wand is the representation of the air element. Wands are usually made of fallen wood, and different woods represent different uses. Alder wands are used for spells for self-confidence and spiritual growth. Apple is used in faerie magick. Ash is used in connection with intelligence and wisdom. Beech is used in divination. Birch is seen as the symbol of re-birth. Cedar is used for cleansing negative energies. Cherry is used is overcoming obstacles, intuition, and insight. Elder is used as protection against evil and more inspiration. Elm is associated with endurance and the passing of stages especially from this life into the next. Hawthorn opens insight and provides psychic protection. Hazel is used for artistic abilities and optimism. Holly is purity and logic. Ivy is determination and optimism. Lilac is used in love spells. Maple is used for intellectual pursuits and gaining knowledge. Oak is used for protection. Popular is a great universal wood. Vine is used for excitement and authority. Walnut is used in astral projection and weather working. Willow is used in dealing with life, death and re-birth. This is just scratching the surface of wood and their magical uses.

I need a chalice

The element of water is represented in the use of chalice as a drinking vessel during rituals. Like the cauldron, it is the representation of the feminine and the womb and is used with the athame during a symbolic Great Rite. Chalices are very useful during a ritual as they can also be used for mixing salt and water for consecration, mixing potions, invoking the power of the moon, conjuring emotions, presenting offerings and pouring liberation and toasting during a sumble. The chalice can be made from any material. The chalice or cup seems to be unique in ritual tools as Crowley himself indicated “The Cup can hardly be described a weapon. It is round like the pantacle.not straight like the wand and the dagger, Reception, not projection, is its nature. So that which is round to him is a symbol of the influence from the higher. This circle symbolizes the Infinite, as every cross or Tau represents the Finite.”

Cauldrons are strange

Cauldrons or pots are symbolic of cyclical times, lunar circle, inspiration and magick. It is traditional for the cauldrons to be made of iron and sit upon three legs. Cauldrons are representive of Mother Earth and the three legs in turn celebrates the Triple Goddess, the three stages of the moon, (waxing, full and waning,), and as a magical number. Cauldrons with four legs are used more with the four elements, the four watchtowers, and the four major fire festivals. Cauldrons are more than their practical use of boiling water and cooking but for making potions, magical brews and posions. The word cauldron comes from the Latin cauldus meaning hot and Sanskrit cra to boil. The cauldron could also be used as a source of scrying when filled with water. It is essential the symbol of the Goddess, femininity and fertility. The cauldron as it holds water is associated with the west. They are closely associated with Celtic Traditions as they are central to two important myths, Cerridwen’s cauldron and the Cauldron of Rebirth, the key component of the legend Bran.


Truly Madly Evil?

Evil and suffering are two separate things even through they are closely related. Suffering is an experience of pain that is real, where as evil is an abstract metaphysical concept. Suffering is part of life, whether or not this is a loss, old age or death. This is part of nature. Evil, while it can be seen as the source of pain and suffering, which can be tested, evil can not. Evil is part of a belief system and it is usually not part of a belief system that pagans follow. However, as Paganism has such different views it would be up to each individual how they see evil. It then becomes part of the individuals own choice about whether or not evil is a concept that can do harm, and whether or not these is embodied in one or more beings. 

The Lilith Effect

You land as gently as a butterfly.
Your concept is as a heartless bitch.
You will be there at the Apocalypse.
Take your rightful place as a Goddess.
As the night begins to slowly crawl.
The darkest hour you begin to tease.
Embracing the cold whispers of huluppu.
Inconceivable loved as a source of hurt.
Queen of the night, darkness and pain.
Keeper of the moons sorrows and secrets.
I’ll pretend on this night of the witches.
That you are sending your love to me.
Still here waiting for you not to suffer.
I won’t leave you here alone my angel.
Something is still missing, a nightly lover.
Bury you deep inside me, sweet angel of death.
Around that corner, will you follow me?
Without a child it is easier to fly.
Without a mother it is harmony.
In the ice cold of loneliness.
Under the huluppu tree we sinned.
The Eve of bones, we became saints.
A whiter shade of pale singing dark songs.
You make me see the light, stand my ground.
I will follow and haunt your owls.
Sweet bloody kisses, I am not ashamed,
To say that I am alone and waiting for you.

Get the normal out.

What is “normal”? Or more to the point what is “abnormal”? A friend was talking about how she found some people too “fluffy” but was considered “fluffy” by others. This is in pagan context, fluffy is a reference to fluffy bunny pagans, who are just too light and happy and do not want to dwell on the darkness and sadness, which of course goes against a balanced belief system. I have always considered myself a dancer to a different drum beat, but am I more “normal” then I thought. Psychologist are re-labelling everything so very little is “normal”. “Normal” to me implies an automaton who goes through life with what there are told, do not think, dream, create, live. And because I do those things, then I am “abnormal” and can live with that.

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