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Have a nice night.

Tonight is Walpurgis night and it is the Viking ritual to speed up the arrival of spring and make sure that they have healthy crops. They would also have big bonfires to scare away any evil spirits. However, the origin of this festival comes from an unusual source. A 8th century woman called Valborg (other iterations of the name include Walpurgis, Wealdburg and Valderburger) founded a convent of Heidenheim in Wurtemburg, Germany. She became a nun and spoke out against the evils of witchcraft and magick. She become a saint in 1st of May 779 and while both her canonised and Viking festival are celebrated on the same day, it has combined to be a pagan-christain festival.


Do you know of the bridge?

I have just finished a really interesting book, called A Bridge to the Other Side by Michael Berman with all the different myths connected with passing from one world into other, whether this is from this life to Heaven, Hell, Midgard and many more. It has an complex blend of stories to make us laugh and cry and always gives reference to the source of the information so anything that takes our fancy we can find out more information on. I would recommend this book.

If you had the future

If you had a chance to see the future would you take it? I’ve been hanging around the crossroads since the beginning of the year and if I stay here much long I’m going to get clamped! However, I am worried about what the future holds for me, but not enough that if it was offered to me that I would take a sneaky peak at the future. The last two years of being a singleton have been uncertain and the love that I thought was being returned was recently removed, leaving me walled up inside. I’m (hopefully) about to finish university and this sets out a whole new career path ahead of me. So the love door may have closed, locked and I’ve swallowed the key, the career door is beckoning.

Strange superstitions

Today (Friday the 13th) is well-known for being an unlucky day but how many other strange superstitions are you aware of.

It is bad luck to allow someone to rest their foot on your chair while gambling and if someone attempts it then you can challenge them to a gunfight!

You should wear a piece of dirty clothing when gambling to insure luck.

If you are out fishing and at any point count the fish that has been caught then you will not catch any more.

It is unlucky to light three cigarettes from the one match. This seems to have come from the trenches during the First World War that a sniper would focus on the light from the match and by the time you have light the third cigarette it would have aimed and fired. However, I am not sure if this is a bit of an urban myth.

If you bite your tongue while eating it indicates that you have recently told a lie.

If your right nostril itches you will have a female visitor, if your left itches then the visitor will be male.

A knife placed under the bed during labour will ease the pains.

Some parts of Britain believes that eating a dogs tongue will cure ulcers.

If you catch a falling leaf on the first day of Autumn, you will not catch a cold throughout the winter.

Evil spirits can not harm you if you are in a circle.

If a pregnant woman steps over a grave it will cause the early death of the child.

If you keep a spider in walnut shell and have it around your neck it will protect you against the plague (rather the plague myself!).


You were suppose to be my cure,
But now I’m addicted to you.
I still need your medication,
But I need to heal myself as well.
I am sick of being lonely,
But I can’t take your pills forever.
All I need is a new doctor,
And I will be a better patient.
You understood my symptoms,
And we reached a diagnosis.
I’m still an outpatient,
And I need constant care.
I’d give my heart to save you,
But would you do the same for me?

A Beltane Reaction

This is an ancient Druid fire festival. A myth for this festival is about the curse place on the land by Ceres when her daughter was taken by Pluto after being shot by Cupid’s arrow. Pluto was an underworld God that lived in Tarturus, a place full of evil spirits. It was thought if Pluto loved he would be nicer. Cupid was sent to make this happen. Proserpine crossed his path after being struck by Cupids arrow. She was then taken against her will to the underworld. Proserpine would be safe if she did not eat anything in the underworld but unfortunately she was not aware of this. Pluto offered her some pomegranate which is seen as the fruit of the dead and by accepting it, Proserpine was destined to live in the underworld forever. When Ceres discovered what fate had befall her daughter, she cursed the land. Plants died and the world withered. Eventually a bargain was struck that Proserpine spent six months of the year above ground and six months below ground. Therefore Beltane is seen as the reunion of mother and daughter.

Karmic Heaven

I have just finished reading The Count of Monto Cristo by Alexander Dumas and while the book was a little long and heavy going, it has a very interesting concept as its backbone, the concept of revenge. The book looks at it more from the Christian element of an eye for a eye but to me it has more of the feel of karma, or the Wiccan threefold rule. The threefold rule is the belief that anything that you put out into the world comes back to you three times as much, regardless of whether or not that was positive or negative vibes. The three characters guilty of placing an innocent man into prison had to deal with the fall out of this several years when he escapes from prison and begins a very clever and convoluted plan of revenge. However, this was more than a simple revenge as this leads to madness, and death, and it is not until the death of an young innocent boy that Count questions his plans. The Count often says that God is a allowing him to avenge his punishment but as it spirals out of control, you are left wondering if taking things into your own hand is a good idea after all. A book that is worth the read.

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