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#1 Lie

All I seems to be doing is lying. Although that is not true, what is true is that I’m not telling the truth, about me, my past and my future, not only to others but to myself as well and I have no idea how to stop.


Save the last colour for me.

I’ve been recently doing some research into colour magic and it got me thinking. The pagan in me, wholeheartedly believe that colours are important and effect our moods etc. However, the sociological student wonders how much of this is cultural references only.

The book that stole my heart

After reading the Time Traveller’s Wife, I did not think I would find another story that would move me like it did, but I have done. Sebastian Faulks’ Charlotte Grey also left me in tears. One womans journey to find her missing love during World War Two was just breathtaking. A book I highly recommend to anybody who is jaded by love, as this is not a soppy love, but a real gritty all-consuming love.

Affording Quizzes

I’ve recently been brain storming ideas for a pub quiz that is influenced by TV shows. What TV shows would you turn into a pub quiz?

Happy Friday the 13th

Today is the one day of the year that we question our superstitions, for me I handed in my essay that was due in today yesterday, as I did not trust that I get it in one time today. However, I’m not very superstition, but I still ‘touch wood’, throw salt over my left shoulder and never walk under ladders (but that sensible). So are you superstitions? Have you changed plans for today and has something bad happen on Friday the 13th?

Beauty of Life

There is not a lot that makes me very angry and I’m all for people have opinions, even if they do not agree with mine. However, when it comes to animals and children some things make my blood boil and Sarah Burge on This Morning has done just that. For her daughters 7th birthday she has given her a voucher for a boob job, and while I agree with Sarah that you should do anything to make your child happy, is this not too much too young? That little girl may yet grow up with perfectly pert boobs, but what if she does not? Surely this is something for a woman to choose and not a girl. She encourages her creativity through dress-up and make-up which is great, even me, the most ungirly girl had a make-up party. However, I knew it was make-believe does this child?

Children want to emulate their parents, and this mother has been coined the living Barbie, what I thought was interesting that the child herself was not part of the discussion. We are all assuming, maybe wrongly, that this child is being forced to live this ‘beautified’ life and she may love being ‘pretty’. There was no doubt that Sarah loves her daughter but maybe she should concentrate on making her daughter feel beautiful in herself without make-up. She did mention that her daughter does do something without ‘beauty’, loving rock climbing, fishing etc, which is something you can not do in high heels and full make-up. This make me wonder how much the daughter is doing to appease her mother. However, this is only 15 minutes of this person life and we can not understand how their live their lives on a day-to-day basis. I do not have children of my own, but I’d hope that I would encourage my child to love who she is as a child, and if she has issues as an adult then I would offer to pay for surgery then.

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