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Aphrodite to love.

I won a book called Aphrodite’s Magic by Jane Meredith and the book has amazed me and I’m only fifty pages in. It is not surprising that as university is making me more of a feminist that a book about female sexuality has touched my soul.



That is all I’m suffering with at the moment with my dissertation and at what point do you go this is not working and is this because of you or me?


Women are spending up to 20 mins deciding on a pudding as they are worried about looking unhealthy. Some even say that they are denying themselves a pudding just become they think it is unladylike. This saddens me. Is this just re-establishing that women should be slender and controlling what they eat. I have never been bothered about what I eat in front of others, although I have had weight issues which was not helped by the ex’s father, who use to always comment that I should not have pudding when I went round there for Sunday lunch, despite the fact that he himself was overweight. Since losing the weight I can not eat like I use to and do not have desserts as often as I use to but when I do I make sure it is the most fattening dessert on the menu, otherwise what is the point! The last time I had dessert out, the waiter, while place a BIG slice of chocolate fudge cake in front of me, said that no one can finish it. Well, that was a challenge I could not refuse! But did I feel sick afterwards?! Are men just as self-conscious about dessert or is it still acceptable for men to eat what they want? All I want to say is eat what you, I will not judge you on it. Unless it is Marmite, that is just wrong!

Save the last prediction for me.

We are all aware of some of the most common forms of divination, tarot cards, crystal balls and scrying. However there are so many more. Aeromancy is the use of weather as a means of divination, through wind and cloud formations. Ambulomancy, divination by taking a walk usually in circles. Amniomancy, divination by examining afterbirth. Botanomancy, divination by burning plants and using the smoke and ashes to divine by. Ceroscopy, divination by wax in cold water. Coscinomancy, divination by sieves and shears. Crithomancy, divination by study of barley cakes and perceiving omens in them. Cromnyomancy, divination by onions and their sprouting behaviour. And this is just a tip of the iceberg. Some of these I think could still be viable, some not so much.

The boy who waited.

Your name is silence,
Your body is darkness.
You've never been here,
But you are in my soul.
You never felt pain,
You never felt joy.
You were not clothed in rags,
Or felt the luxury of riches.
While I become tainted,
You stayed pure.
While I lived in the light,
You dwell in blackness.
You were there at the beginning
And you will be there in the end.
I'm grounded in this world,
While you soar in the skies.
You are parched as a desert,
While I blossomed like a rose.
I wear you like a mask, 
And you are revealed to me in the mirror.
You could not object to your life,
And I've done nothing but object to mine.
So you see the rainbows,
While I see the clouds.
I want to be loved,
You wanted to be acknowledged.
I crave the winter months,
And you want the summer sun.
I'm crazy in my living,
While you were sane in dying.
We are poles apart,
But part of the same coin.
I'm becoming a monster,
And you become an angel.
My life is a nightmare,
And you fill my daydreams.
A fire burns my soul,
Yours is filled with dirt.
You tried to show yourself to me,
But I keep ignoring you.
I did not know you existed,
Yet that is no excuse.
You never imposed yourself on me,
I would have smacked you senselessly.
My life feels like a still life,
Your is a still life.
Because while I was born living,
You were born dead.

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