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We are all aware of some of the most common forms of divination, tarot cards, crystal balls and scrying. However there are so many more. Aeromancy is the use of weather as a means of divination, through wind and cloud formations. Ambulomancy, divination by taking a walk usually in circles. Amniomancy, divination by examining afterbirth. Botanomancy, divination by burning plants and using the smoke and ashes to divine by. Ceroscopy, divination by wax in cold water. Coscinomancy, divination by sieves and shears. Crithomancy, divination by study of barley cakes and perceiving omens in them. Cromnyomancy, divination by onions and their sprouting behaviour. And this is just a tip of the iceberg. Some of these I think could still be viable, some not so much.


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