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Broken Green

Green is the element of Earth, vegetation, gardening and herbalism or wortcunning. It has always tied in with fairy folk, the Green Man and Gods and Goddesses of the forest. It is associated with fertility, prosperity, hope, joy, delight, growth, healing, new beginnings, financial gain, spring, immortality and change. Forest green is linked with fertility, the body, courage, classical music and woodland sounds. Ivy green is more the emotional side of life, such as coping with grief, pondering and hushed music or silence. Pale Greens aid the healing process. It is connected to Venus, Mercury, Aquarius and Cancer. Green is linked to Wednesday and Friday, Beltane, Yule and Ostara. Its Charka is the heart, (upper chest, breasts, lungs, heart and air circulation). People who have a green aura, have a trusting and loving character, and is often the colour aura of artists. These are individuals with balance and harmony in their life.




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