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Sleeping with demons

Please not another bad romance.
Sleeping with demons is all I get.
I am empty inside, vast as the skies.
More to life than doubt and debt.
The frozen cobra in my secret place.
My loverman is outside in the rain.
Forever yours, frozen in time.
Goodbye to the demons of pain?
The autumn is in my heart.
No more tears for the grim rider.
Anywhere away from the sleeping demons.
Luck drowns me vats of cider.
Dream bleeding, let me be me.
Demons do not mix with saints.
A siren that rains her song on you.
Forever yours, despite the taints.
I was closing my heart when you walked in.
Heartquake is what you caused.
The demons go away on those weekends.
And the wound’s bleeding has paused.
With no fear I face the underworld’s gate.
Melancholic angels always fall first.
Lonely demons continue to talk to me.
But then a city life leaves you cursed.
Dark fantasies in the magical forest.
The rider was my forest muse.
I was his victim, graveyard cinderella.
Someone for the demons to use.
Witch of the lake, looking for a new start.
A frog princess trapped amongst the ashes.
But you held me tight for that first night
The demons dreams burst into flashes.
Now my thoughts go straight to you.
My soul has been comforted by yours.
Outside the windows demons are knocking.
Your kisses keeps them behind locked doors.
This is my love letter to you my strong man.
Cos I can not speak the words I long to say.
But you made me love myself and trust again.
And I will love you for that every single day.


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