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Do not tell me it is over

Do not tell me we let the demon win.
Mermaid skull jewellery adorns this fairy.
Who wants more than companionship.
To be your little toy was never scary.

The elements were thawing this frozen queen.
And we were climbing this tearless mountain.
On the rock God’s stairway to heaven.
Twilight kisses at the base of the fountain.

Do not tell me that I am the enemy.
I was dancing you to the undertaker’s ball.
Do not leave me behind in mystery.
Faceless demons again caused the fall.

Come to a deadlock in the mermaid dreams.
Blackbird was not prepared for the solitary travel.
Snow White thought you had freed her.
Until you woke up and brought down the gavel.

Do not tell me here returns sorrow.
City of angels to the forest on water.
The mirror held the death of a dream.
No worries, take me to the slaughter.

Do not abandon me to my winter.
Do not tell me you are not longer attracted.
Do not turn this into a war.
Most importantly, Do not tell me it is over.


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