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Dark and Stormy

For the last time I am fallen.
The crow life is no longer alone.
Nymph of the forest’s pollen,
Has glanced from the other zone.

Road to nowhere, sometimes lamented
Dark days on the edge of forever.
In the footsteps of infinity, demented.
Serenity, a gift for April rained whoever.

Between the bridges of my dreams.
Sacrifice, the enchanted fog demands
Wild wood charm breaks its seams.
Following the river, holding hands.

Enchanted forest witnesses a small death.
When the witch comes to a different path.
The passion flowers held their breath.
The witnesses had to hide their wrath.

In the court of the dreaming song.
Following my trail of bitter tears.
Frozen memories are too wrong.
Dark, black, long memories of fears.

The house of pain of angels dead
The plains home the Samhain medium.
Visited by an Irish King who bled.
Removed me from dark path of tedium.

When Autumn arrived you were there.
You spoke to me of love and other things.
Parting soon became too much to bear.
I flew away with you on borrowed wings.

My white reaper held me in a frozen embrace.
Listened to the poems from my poisoned mouth.
Taught me to dance again with fairytale grace.
No longer travelling alone down south.

Apocalypse of the soul is on its way.
Line is crossed when a woman loves.
Pandora is a role I can no longer play.
Sun no longer sets me free like doves.

Out of time quipped the fortune teller.
It was time to pick my death, she said.
Dark symphonies sang the crow dweller.
Goodbye my love, for all eternal dread.

Out of the shadows you came, my light.
The joys of being with someone’s soul.
A long walk away from the dreamy night.
Forgotten bride dug out her grave shaped hole.

Night sorceress is beyond curious.
Why you want this poisoned heart,
This dangerous mind that is furious,
With the gift of being too smart?

Once again, I say goodbye to love.
And say no more prayers for me.
Lilith of snow gives you a shove.
Watered my soul and was ready to flee.

But you took a minute of your time.
At silver fountain you held me tight.
You make yourself my boyfriend prime.
And make sure I will never again take flight.


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