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Pandora and the Puppet Master

She disappear within the puppet master castle,
That one amongst the broken-hearted clouds.
She promised her heart to him, tell me, mirror.
Did her mad hatter suicide please the crowds?

Don’t trust Pandora on the death valley trip.
Under silent umbrella, she loves him.
Hidden pain amongst quiet reflections.
Walking away from life so grim.

This is the puppet master’s fantasy world.
Casting her out of her fairy land into his.
She could not hold on to herself.
As his lust for blood began to fizz.

While the spirit wanders, do not give up.
Dead, she loves the way his lies burn.
Heartbeat of damnation appear on the horizon.
The Queen of hearts has lots to learn.

Voodoo dolls are part of this dream fantasy.
Breathless, she will miss the true winter.
Love is a weakness, and leaves us direction-less.
Her dark wings bound to his splinter.

She will try to forget trying to reach him.
By the full moon, she is a prisoner of love.
Victorian innocence turns to a dark blue world.
Breath, let it fly like a true white dove.

Hold on to her, puppet master, like a raven.
Sweet dreamer knows that love hurts.
Compose the silent melody of her destiny.
Dark symphony played at megahertz.

She want to see him again, curse of being immortal.
At the enchanted ruins by the garden of roses.
Near the vermilion cloud kingdom of castles.
Where her awakening begins, old life closes.

Higher than hope was she, the swan hearted.
Lonely, she loves him even thou she was deserted.
She could see the love in him, beyond the music.
And so her and the deadly puppet master flirted.

Pandora, there will always be days of rain,
Velvet dreams will bring the outside in.
At the entrance to the fairyland, remember.
Broken hearts and thoughts belong in the bin.

The enchantment is leaving him behind.
Delusion is the shape of despair.
She can feel the animal inside.
Of dark feelings and a long prayer.

Pandora and the puppet master are a dream.
Maiden’s fantasy world under a vampire moon.
At the end of the day, it was the heart of everything.
Reality, sexy fairy and crow complete the swoon.

Delayed her cold soul from become a ghost.
To late for love and possessed dreams.
Vampire bride, arise and shine
Surrender dark secret and screams.

“My own fears are a cold heritage.
Dark prayers that this is the end.
All night my sadness paints a picture.
Under a umbrella with you my friend.”


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