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I turn to Yule.

There are a lot of plants, trees and evergreens associated with Yule. Mistletoe is an important part of druidry, as both a healer and a protector. It is cut to make sure that it does not touch the ground. Its magick comes from the fact that it seems to live in between two worlds, the skies and the earth. The white berries are believed to represent the virile male sperm. Holly is brought into the home as the belief that that spiky leaves would keep spirits away. I have read once that new borns were sprinkled in “holly water” but I am not sure how true that is. Holly is sacred to Holle, a Germanic Goddess of the underworld, and symbolises ever lasting life, goodwill, and life energy. The red berries represent the female monthly blood. The mistletoe and the holly together respesent the sacred marriage of the God and the Goddess, that ends with the rebirth of the sun. Ivy is a symbol of rebirth, and immortality, its spiral reminding us of resurrection.


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