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Born to be yule.

Yule is the celebration of the winter solstice, the shortest day when the sun returns to us. Yule is a Nordic word that means wheel. The Celts called this time Alban Arthuran. The returning of the sun festival are celebrated through out the world. In anicent times, the disappearance of the sun was a big concern as it provided light and warmth to the earth. The concern being that the sun would not return. Therefore, these rituals used a lot of solar references in the hope that it would encourage the sun to return.  Yule is a celebration of the death and rebirth of the sun God. The Celts believed that the Goddess lived eternally but the God died & was rebirn every Yule. He matured over the winter and spring, to become the Goddess lover in the summer, and whithered through the Autumn to be harvested.


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