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One of the issues I have had all my life is my weight, bullied for my early development of a womanly body, and then a huge weight gain during the “bad years”, I have struggled with my physical body. I am now the smallest I have been in the last ten years and yet I still hate my figure and “compare” myself to others. To try to get my “weight” in some perspective I wanted to see how I rank within UK “averages”. I am size 12/14, 11 stone and 7 pounds (73kg),  I am about 5’6 (165 cm) and my vitals are 36-31-44 and I am an E cup Now this is purely about learning to love my body, and while they may be medical issues with my size that is not what I am looking at today.

According to the Daily Mail in an article from two years ago that the average woman weights 11 stone, but they indicate what that means relevant to your height. According to this article than I should be embracing this for now, but should think about exercising, so I do not become fat in the future.

An article in the Telegraph again from two years ago has the average hips as 36in and waist as 30in. This is also highlights that the hourglass figure that according to the subtle hints by the male writer of this article, is what men truly desire, is on the decline from the 50’s when the average waist was 27.5in and hips were 39ins. it is also shows the hip-to-waist ratio was in the 50’s was 0.7 where as modern women have a 0.83, whatever any of that means.

Talking of what men like in women, according to an article in the Mirror from last year, the average women’s breasts are a 34DD, although Welsh women have the biggest breasts with the average being 34E. However, the results can be slightly askew from the fact that it does include women who have breast enhancement and therefore this “average” may not have been reached naturally. This means that on average women’s breast size, like everything else, has increased.

So overall I am “average” or slightly below or above. The only place that is nowhere near the average in my hips, which over 8ins above the average. That is one part of my body I am still loathing after this “research” but I feel more at peace with the rest of my body and with me calling myself pretty yesterday these are small steps to something positive. Of course this is NOT scientific and is flawed. Below is the links to the article that I mentioned in this piece.





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