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Purple Samhain

Some of the symbols associated with this time are pumpkins, cauldrons, besom broom and acorns.  The pumpkin is an American tradition that has become very popular within Britain. However, as the Celts saw the head as the place of the soul, then a carved head with a shining light in it does not seem that disjointed. The Cauldron or the Holy Grail is feminine and is the container of life, death, transformation and rebirth. The besom broom is both a practical and symbolic element to Samhain. As well as sweeping away the last of the fallen leaves, it sweeps away the old to make space for the new. Besom are traditionally made from Birch as it is associated with purification and renewal. The acorn is the symbol of the oak representing longevity, wisdom and a promise of strength to come. Some carry acorns upon them as an amulet for good fortune. The colours associated with Samhain are black for death, orange for life within death and purple for wisdom. Altar decorations include cauldrons, apples, nut and berries, black candles to honour the ancestors and picture of the deceased.

One of the most basic Samhain rituals involves the simple lighting of candles for deceased. In a darken room, with one candle burning, each individual will say a few words about a loved one, friend, family or pet who had passed in the last year and lights a candle, to light the way for them on their journey to the Summerland.


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